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Maternal health in India: Where we are today

by Aparajita Gogoi and Renuka Motihar Huff Post June 6, 2013

Sunita, a young woman in her fourth month of pregnancy in rural Odisha, suddenly discovered that she was bleeding profusely. It took her a while to understand that the situation was serious and called her husband Ramesh. He rushed home from work. They realized they needed to go to a hospital, but di...

Nutrition ‘must be a global priority’, say researchers as malnutrition is implicated in 45 percent of child deaths

by Helen Briggs BBC News June 5, 2013

Malnutrition is responsible for 45% of the global deaths of children under the age of five, research published in the Lancet medical journal suggests. Poor nutrition leads to the deaths of about 3.1 million under-fives annually, it says....

A quarter of the world’s children are at risk of underperforming at school because of chronic malnutrition, Save the Children says

by BBC News May 27, 2013

A quarter of the world's children are at risk of underperforming at school because of chronic malnutrition, says UK charity Save the Children. Missing out on a nutritious diet could severely damage a child's ability to read and write, it said....

About 40 percent of the diarrhea in young children is caused by four bugs, study finds

by David Brown Washington Post May 13, 2013

Four intestinal bugs are responsible for nearly half of all cases of childhood diarrhea, which kills about 800,000 children around the world each year.That’s the main finding of a three-year project designed to give researchers and public health officials a clearer picture of a condition responsib...

Donald R. Hopkins: Guinea Worm Slayer: Dr. Donald R. Hopkins reflects on how the prejudice he experienced growing up in the American South helped him communicate with the rural villages most affected by Guinea worm disease. Photo: New York Times

Another scourge in his sights: guinea worm

by Donald G McNeil Jr New York Times April 22, 2013

CHICAGO — In his home office, Dr. Donald R. Hopkins has statues of the Hindu smallpox goddess and the Yoruba smallpox god. And, floating coiled up in a glass jar, something that looks like a yardlong strand of capellini but is actually one of the last Guinea worms on earth....

UNICEF report details the cost of malnutrition in children

by Associated Press New York Times April 15, 2013

More than a quarter of children under the age of 5 worldwide are permanently “stunted” from malnutrition, leaving them physically and intellectually weak, the United Nations Children’s Fund said in a report released Monday. Anthony Lake, executive director of the agency, better known as Unicef...

Poorest countries lead the fight against malnutrition

by Institute of Development Studies April 11, 2013

According to new research published by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), low income countries like Malawi and Madagascar and lower middle income Guatemala, are leading the charge against hunger and undernutrition, whilst economic powerhouses such as India and Nigeria are failing some of th...

In Africa, corruption dirties the water

by Kenneth Odiwuor IRIN News March 14, 2013

Collusion among government officials, unscrupulous water vendors and large farm owners results in diverted water supply lines, misappropriated funds, and failure to implement laws on protecting water sources from encroachment and pollution. These are just some of the ways corruption is denying milli...

In spite of billions of dollars spent on heart attack research, and diet’s apparent critical role in preventing heart attacks, very few scientif...

by Gina Colata New York Times March 2, 2013

This is a watershed moment in the field of nutrition, medical experts say. For the first time, researchers have shown that a diet can have an effect as powerful as drugs in preventing what really matters to patients — heart attacks, and strokes and deaths from cardiovascular disease....

Nevin S. Scrimshaw, pioneer nutritionist, dies at 95

by Douglas Martin New York Times February 12, 2013

Dr. Nevin S. Scrimshaw, a nutritionist who improved the health of millions of children in developing countries by creating low-cost vegetable-based foods for weaning infants, died on Friday in Plymouth, N.H. He was 95....

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