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CIA: No more vaccination campaigns in spy operations

by Lena H Sun Washington Post May 19, 2014

Three years after the CIA used an immunization survey as a cover in its hunt for Osama bin Laden, the White House has promised that the agency will never again use a vaccination campaign in its operations, an official said Monday....

Disease of Pakistan’s poor now worries the affluent

by Saba Imtiaz and Declan Walsh New York Times May 10, 2014

KARACHI, Pakistan — Until recently, polio was considered a poor man’s problem in Pakistan — a crippling virus that festered in the mountainous tribal belt, traversed the country on interprovincial buses, and spread via infected children who played in the open sewers of sprawling slums....

Polio’s return after near eradication prompts global health warning

by Donald G McNeil Jr New York Times May 5, 2014

Alarmed by the spread of polio to several fragile countries, the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency on Monday for only the second time since regulations permitting it to do so were adopted in 2007....

A new toilet for girl students at a school in Murshidabad district in the eastern Indian state West Bengal. Photo: Sulabh International/IPS.

When not to go to school

by Ranjita Biswas Inter Press Service April 19, 2014

KOLKATA, Apr 19 2014 (IPS) - In large parts of rural India, the absence of separate toilets for growing girls is taking a toll on their education. Many are unable to attend school during their menstrual cycle. According to the country’s Annual Status of Education Report in 2011, lack of access to ...

Fortified biscuits on sale in Afghanistan—getting to the consumer is the trick. Photo: Khalid Nahez/IRIN

Fortified food—persuading the private sector to do good

by IRIN News April 18, 2014

With a certain amount of fanfare, Nigeria has just officially become a middle income country. It is not the sort of country associated with widespread hunger, or a country where people normally get, or expect to get, food aid. And yet around a quarter of small children in Nigeria are underweight, an...

Biofortified tortillas to provide micronutrients in Latin America

by Fabiola Ortiz Inter Press Service April 17, 2014

KIGALI, Apr 17 2014 (IPS) - Latin America is one of the regions in the world suffering from “hidden hunger” – a chronic lack of the micronutrients needed to ward off problems like anaemia, blindness, impaired immune systems, and stunted growth.Brazil is heading up a food biofortification effor...

Ugandan police raid US-financed health project in what appeared to be the first public action to enforce a new anti-homosexuality law

by Associated Press New York Times April 5, 2014

Police officers raided the offices of an American-financed project that offers services to AIDS patients, a government spokesman said Friday, in what appeared to be the first public action to enforce a new anti-homosexuality law. The Makerere University Walter Reed Project in Kampala was singled out...

Briefing: Punitive aid cuts disrupt healthcare in Uganda

by IRIN News April 2, 2014

Since the enactment of a draconian anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda just over a month ago, donors have been slashing or suspending aid to the country in protest. Health officials, activists and NGOs warn that this could have a major impact on healthcare services, particularly for HIV/AIDS patients....

Religious leaders in Senegal stymie birth control: In the majority-Muslim society, many men have multiple wives and large numbers of children. Religious leaders, who wield great influence, reject family planning as interfering with the divine order, and family planning advocates are under suspicion because of foreign funding.  Photo: Washington Post

Family planning program in Senegal drawn into conflict with religious leaders

by Allyn Gaestel Washington Post March 15, 2014

From the corner of his family’s bustling courtyard, El Hadji Fally Diallo looked out approvingly at his large extended family. Several women with babies on their hips prepared the massive midday meal, and children studying the Koran mumbled verses to themselves....

Niger’s “remarkable” progress in reducing child deaths

by IRIN News February 27, 2014

Niger has made remarkable progress in cutting under-five mortality over the past decade, and it looks set to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on reducing child mortality rates by two-thirds by 2015. But high maternal mortality, skyrocketing population growth and low government capacity are...

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