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West Africa: New approach to malaria recommended, with more funds going to indoor spraying and new anti-malarial drugs, and less to bednets

by IRIN October 24, 2007

A World Health Organization evaluation of West African countries’ progress in controlling malaria has recommended that donors allocate more funds to indoor spraying and to helping countries purchase the latest anti-malarial drugs....

Doctors Without Borders calls for increased use of nutrient dense ready-to-use food to save malnourished children’s lives

by Doctors Without Borders October 10, 2007

(October 10, 2007) The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF) today called for increased and expanded use of nutrient dense ready-to-use food (RUF) to reduce the five million annual deaths worldwide related to malnutrition in children ...

In pictures: India’s sanitation struggle

by BBC News October 3, 2007

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In Katanga slum in Kampala, Uganda a visit to a public restroom is a luxury which comes at a price

by Joshua Mmali BBC News September 19, 2007

In Katanga slum in Kampala, a visit to a public convenience is a luxury which comes at a price. Next to a makeshift shebeen where men drink ajono, the local liquor, there's an equally makeshift papyrus structure leaning against a tree. ...

Food shortages and high malnutrition rates have hit residents of Lower and Middle Shabelle Photo: Manoocher Deghati/IRIN

Somalia: Alarming malnutrition rates as food crisis hits Shabelle region

by IRIN August 15, 2007

Early warning agencies have reported a rapidly worsening food security situation in southern Somalia after the poorest harvest in a decade and escalating insecurity that has disrupted economic activities, caused high inflation and left people displaced....

West Africa: Region making headway on food fortification

by IRIN August 14, 2007

Basic nutrients people need to survive have been added to food around the world for almost a century, but West Africa is only now leading the way for the same life-saving technique to be rolled out in Africa, although experts warn it is just one small component in combating under-nutrition. ...

Mathare slum in Nairobi is one of the biggest informal settlements in Africa. It has faced increasing difficulties in obtaining water due to cuts by official suppliers as well as the actions of cartels, gangs and illegal vendors. Photo: Julius Mwelu/IRIN

Kenya: the fight for water, a valuable slum commodity

by IRIN News August 14, 2007

When residents of Mathare slum in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi staged a recent protest over a five-day water shortage, the police moved to break the demonstration, firing teargas and arresting some of the protestors. The 31 July police action in Bondeni area, however, did not address the cause o...

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