In India, fresh clashes over rural land as farmers stand up to government

by Simon Denyer Washington Post May 21, 2011

All over India, farmers are coming into conflict with the government as it tries to satisfy the country’s insatiable hunger for land for industry, infrastructure and urban housing....

US to send envoy to North Korea to consider food aid

by Mary Beth Sheridan Washington Post May 20, 2011

The Obama administration announced Friday that it is sending an official U.S. envoy to North Korea for the first time in two years, with the goal of evaluating the Communist nation’s need for food aid as it struggles with the effects of floods and a brutal winter. ...

Kurram Agency is one of the seven tribal agencies on the Pakistan-Afghan border. The ongoing violence has resulted in hundreds of deaths and large-scale displacements from Kurram.  Photo: ReliefWeb

Pakistan: Driven out of Kurram Agency by violence

by IRIN News May 17, 2011

At a transport stand in Peshawar, Ali Junaid, 35, haggles with bus and truck drivers for the best rates to take him and his family to the southern city of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest urban centre....

North Korea, after a famine that killed nearly one million people in the 1990s, now nears the brink of a second food disaster with 3.5 million people ...

by Kanya D'Almeida IPS May 5, 2011

Over the past weeks, thousands of people across Turkey have protested against the planned construction of a gold mine in Cerattepe, close to the town of Artvin in the northeast of the country. Protesters fear that the mine will cause irreparable damage to the unique natural environment of the region...

US aid plan for Pakistan is floundering

by Jane Perlez New York Times May 1, 2011

KHAJURI KACH, Pakistan — A multibillion-dollar aid plan that the Obama administration hoped would win over Pakistanis and buttress the weak civilian government is foundering because Washington’s fears of Pakistani corruption and incompetence has slowed disbursal of the money, undermining a funda...

Garbage floating on stagnant water, a situation that promotes disease.  A new government study indicates that the water was unsafe to drink in 82 percent of water sources tested in districts across all four of Pakistan’s provinces. Photo: Kamila Hyat/IRIN

Pakistan: Unsafe water kills 250,000 children a year

by IRIN News April 19, 2011

After several weeks of severe sickness, with unrelenting diarrhoea and high fever, Shamshad Ali, aged five, from a village near the town of Sheikhupura in Punjab Province, finally feels strong enough to venture out of his house again....

North Korea’s pleas for food aid draw suspicion

by Lousia Lim National Public Radio April 12, 2011

The United Nations is warning that 6 million North Koreans — a quarter of the population — could be at risk of starvation. It's warning of a likely humanitarian crisis, with North Korea's public distribution system set to run out of food in May....

China activist Liu Xianbin jailed for 10 years

by Michael Bristow BBC News March 25, 2011

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