Maid’s cries cast light on child labor in India

by Jim Yardley New York Times April 4, 2012

NEW DELHI — The girl’s screams were brittle and desperate. Neighbors in the suburban housing complex looked up and saw a child crying for help from an upstairs balcony. She was 13 and worked as a maid for a couple who had gone on vacation to Thailand. They had left her locked inside their apartm...

Pakistan schoolboy’s self-immolation over school uniform raises alarm over poverty

by Richard Leiby and Haq Nawaz Khan Washington Post April 2, 2012

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — As the school term ended across Pakistan last week, proud families flocked to their children’s grade-promotion ceremonies much as they do in the United States. For a 13-year-old named Kamran Khan, the occasion promised special honors: He ranked first in his class. ...

US suspends food assistance to North Korea

by William Ide Voice of America March 28, 2012

The United States says it has suspended a food aid package to North Korea in response to Pyongyang's plans to carry out a missile launch next month. While the North says its plan to hurl the satellite into space is peaceful, the U.S. and other countries say the launch could help it further its balli...

India plans big increase in health-care spending to catch up to rivals

by Rama Lakshmi Washington Post March 9, 2012

In recent years, India has watched with alarm as countries such as China, Egypt, Mexico and Brazil raced ahead, and as its performance on child health and infant mortality was overtaken even by much of sub-Saharan Africa. ...

Intractable Afghan graft hampering US strategy–Afghan government has yet to prosecute a high-level corruption case

by Matthew Rosenberg and Graham Bowley New York Times March 7, 2012

KABUL, Afghanistan — For the past few months, possibly the most intriguing poker game in Kabul has been taking place in the sprawling pink sitting room of the man at the center of one of the most public corruption scandals in the world, the near collapse of Kabul Bank....

North Korea agrees to suspend some nuclear activities and missile tests in exchange for US food aid

by Associated Press/Washington Post /Washington Post February 29, 2012

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Nepal’s Monsanto debate spotlights seed sovereignty

by IRIN News January 12, 2012

An effort by US donors and multinational agribusiness Monsanto to partner with Nepal to boost local maize production with imported hybrid seeds has met civil society opposition calling - instead - for home-grown solutions. ...

Developed world failing on climate funds pledge, says Bangladeshi minister

by Fiona Harvey The Guardian January 2, 2012

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