Hunger and Malnutrition in Asia

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Regional Spotlight: Asia and the Pacific Hunger Facts and Statistics (2022)

Half of the world’s chronically undernourished people live in Asia and the Pacific—a vast region that spans from China in the East to India in the South and then stretches out into the Pacific Ocean and its island nations.

Read about hunger facts in Asia and the Pacific. Download the detailed fact sheet or learn about the causes and impacts and child malnutrition below.  Then test your knowledge and take the hunger quiz below.

Cover page for Asia/ Pac Fact Sheet

  • 1. How many people in Asia and the Pacific did not get enough of the right nutrients in their food to live a healthy life during 2022?
  • 2. What two Asia and the Pacific subregions have the greatest concentration of hunger, measured by undernutrition?
  • 3. What drives hunger and malnutrition in Asia and the Pacific?
  • 4. Despite recent progress, how many more people were undernourished in 2022 than in 2019, before the COVID-19 epidemic?
  • 5. What country in the subregion of Oceania had the highest rate of children who are stunted (to short for their age) in 2022?
  • 6. Between 2021 and 2022, how much did food prices increase in Asia and the Pacific?
  • 7. What is a barrier to ending hunger in Asia and the Pacific region?
  • 8. What climate factor is a major threat to the nutritional quality of food in Asia and the Pacific?
  • 9. How did Asma Khatun improve her economic status?
  • 10. What solutions might accelerate progress against hunger and malnutrition in Asia and the Pacific?
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