Lentils in Nepal(short video)

by IRIN News December 30, 2011

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Vietnam: From rice to shrimps and ginger – adapting to saltwater intrusion caused by rising sea levels

by IRIN News December 28, 2011

Rising sea levels and saltwater intrusion in Vietnam’s fertile Mekong Delta are forcing farmers and development agencies to rethink how livelihoods can be maintained, using methods such as genetic modification, new crop varieties and simple farming fixes. ...

As many as a million people live and work in Dharavi, a sprawling slum in Mumbai, India. Photo: Adam Ferguson/New York Times

In one slum, misery, work, politics, and hope

by Jim Yardley New York Times December 28, 2011

MUMBAI, India — At the edge of India’s greatest slum, Shaikh Mobin’s decrepit shanty is cleaved like a wedding cake, four layers high and sliced down the middle. The missing half has been demolished. What remains appears ready for demolition, too, with temporary walls and a rickety corrugated ...

Typhoon kills 1000 in Philippines

by BBC News December 20, 2011

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Il dies; hundreds of thousands starved as police state kept the world on edge

by Adam Bernstein Washington Post December 19, 2011

Kim Jong Il, the strangely antic and utterly ruthless heir to North Korea’s Stalinist dictatorship, died of an apparent heart attack Saturday, state media reported Monday. He was said to be 69....

North Korea resume talks on food aid

by William Wan Washington Post December 15, 2011

U.S. officials have resumed talking to North Korea about providing food aid to the impoverished country, proposing that it accept nutrition-rich items — such as Plumpy Nut peanut paste — that are considered less likely to be diverted to the North Korean elite....

Three million Afghans face hunger as winter looms–aid groups

by Alertnet/Reuters December 14, 2011

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As Pakistan’s population soars, contraceptives remain a hard sell

by Karin Brulliard Washington Post December 14, 2011

Shazia Shahid, a community health educator, went to the tiny house to speak with the slight young woman about birth control. It was morning, a good time because the woman’s husband was out working. But the woman shrank behind a green veil — and behind her wizened mother-in-law, who smiled but ma...

How fear drove world rice markets insane

by Dan Charles NPR November 2, 2011

Nothing is more basic and simple than food. Yet it comes to us courtesy of a long, complicated supply chain that spans the globe....

Food: Causes of high and fluctuating food prices

by IRIN News October 17, 2011

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