Speculation on food commodities may harm the hungry

by Marilyn Geewax NPR October 16, 2011

Speculators in the agricultural commodities markets are forcing grocery prices to rise too quickly and erratically, according to some top economists marking World Food Day on Sunday....

The latest Demographic and Health Survey for Nepal shows that more than half of the children in remote rural areas are chronically malnourished, and most of them are girls. “Girls are neglected because they are thought not to need strength,” Indra Raj Panta, programme officer for Decentralized Action for Children and Women in Jumla, told IRIN.  Photo: Natalie Bailey/IRIN

Nepal: Gender discrimination fuels malnutrition

by IRIN News September 22, 2011

Gender discrimination lies behind much of the malnutrition found in under-five children in Nepal, say locals and experts. ...

A migrant farm worker peers into an iris scanner in New Delhi in the first effort to officially record each Indian’s identity as an individual.  Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

Scanning 2.4 billion eyes, India tries to connect poor to growth

by Lydia Polgreen New York Times September 1, 2011

KALDARI, India — Ankaji Bhai Gangar, a 49-year-old subsistence farmer, stood in line in this remote village until, for the first time in his life, he squinted into the soft glow of a computer screen....

For the past decade, hundreds of Afghan war widows have convened on a slope known as Tapaye Zanabad (the hill that women built) building mud hovels by hand and living as a community of sisters.  Photo: Washington Post

Afghan widows form community on Kabul hill

by Joshua Partlow Washington Post August 15, 2011

The hills of this capital stand as monuments to men in battle, topped by crumbling forts and rusted tanks, ancient ramparts and gleaming tombs of kings. One is different but no less a testament to war. It is known as Tapaye Zanabad — the hill that women built....

Pakistan: Hunger stalks millions as food insecurity grows. The cause is the rise in food prices combined with extreme poverty; food is available, but ...

by IRIN News August 5, 2011

Saleem-ud-Din, 35, is happy today. The disabled beggar has been able to buy some cooked lentils as well as six 'rotis' [flat bread] for his family of six. “Today we will have a feast. Usually we share two or three 'rotis', at best, between us - but someone put a Rs.100 [US$1.17] note in my bowl, a...

Breastfeeding babies is vital, say experts.”Some of the [Nestle] marketing strategy presents formula as better than breastfeeding,” Laurence Gray, World Vision’s Asia-Pacific advocacy director, told IRIN. However, in developing countries, formula is frequently prepared in unhygienic circumstances with unsafe water and misunderstood instructions, with bad results for babies. “In poor nations, formula-fed infants are four to six times more likely to die of infectious disease than breastfed babies,” said Gray. “The problem is not with the formula, but with the preparation,” he added.   Photo: UNICEF

Laos: NGOs flay Nestlé’s infant formula marketing, some of which presents infant formula as better than breastfeeding

by IRIN News June 23, 2011

"Some of the marketing strategy presents formula as better than breastfeeding,” Laurence Gray, World Vision’s Asia-Pacific advocacy director, told IRIN. “It doesn’t take into account the circumstances needed to prepare the formula.” ...

“Domestic workers face beatings, sexual abuse, non-payment of wages and human trafficking situations. They run the gamut of physical and mental abuse used to control someone and in some households it is a slave owner mentality,” said Human Rights Watch (HRW) Deputy Director in Asia Phil Robertson. “There are enough cases of abuse that there has to be some sort of protective framework for these domestic workers.” To activists and domestic workers celebrating both in Geneva and abroad, the most groundbreaking part of the document is the acknowledgment that domestic work is, in fact, work.  Photo: David Swanson/IRIN

Nepal: No clear way out of servitude for girls sent to work as household servants

by IRIN News June 20, 2011

Efforts to free thousands of enslaved girls in Nepal and get them into school need more funding and less government bureaucracy, activists say. ...

International Labor Organization passes convention giving rights to domestic workers

by IRIN News June 17, 2011

Activists campaigning for the rights of domestic workers are celebrating the passing of the International Labour Organization's (ILO) convention recognizing domestic work as work. The convention is a long time coming and has brought the often invisible and abused to the forefront of protection, says...

Feeding children has become harder for impoverished families, some of whom can no longer afford to provide a decent meal for them “We can no longer manage to offer our five children even a single decent meal. Prices are too high, I was recently laid off from my factory and now do only odd jobs, earning around Rs. 6,000 [US$70] a month. Almost the entire amount goes on buying food,” Fareed Ahmed, a textile factory worker, told IRIN. Photo: Kamila Hyat/IRIN

Pakistan: Selling children to pay off a debt

by IRIN News June 6, 2011

Muhammad Ahsan gave his son away to his employer, a brick-kiln owner, after failing to pay back money he had earlier borrowed, but feels embarrassed that the boy has ended up working as a domestic helper in the latter’s home in Lahore. ...

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