US aid plan for Pakistan is floundering

by Jane Perlez New York Times May 1, 2011

KHAJURI KACH, Pakistan — A multibillion-dollar aid plan that the Obama administration hoped would win over Pakistanis and buttress the weak civilian government is foundering because Washington’s fears of Pakistani corruption and incompetence has slowed disbursal of the money, undermining a funda...

Garbage floating on stagnant water, a situation that promotes disease.  A new government study indicates that the water was unsafe to drink in 82 percent of water sources tested in districts across all four of Pakistan’s provinces. Photo: Kamila Hyat/IRIN

Pakistan: Unsafe water kills 250,000 children a year

by IRIN News April 19, 2011

After several weeks of severe sickness, with unrelenting diarrhoea and high fever, Shamshad Ali, aged five, from a village near the town of Sheikhupura in Punjab Province, finally feels strong enough to venture out of his house again....

North Korea’s pleas for food aid draw suspicion

by Lousia Lim National Public Radio April 12, 2011

The United Nations is warning that 6 million North Koreans — a quarter of the population — could be at risk of starvation. It's warning of a likely humanitarian crisis, with North Korea's public distribution system set to run out of food in May....

China activist Liu Xianbin jailed for 10 years

by Michael Bristow BBC News March 25, 2011

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The worst nuclearaccident since the Chernobyl explosion in 1986 is unfolding in northern Japan at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.  Three reactors have been critically damaged and one  caught fire.  Photo: New York Times

After Japan’s quake and tsunami, freezing weather threatens relief efforts. Many of those hit by the disaster lack blankets, food and fuel, rais...

by guardian. March 16, 2011

Freezing winds, hail storms and thick snow are the latest threats to 430,000 beleaguered survivors of northern Japan's week-long cascade of disasters. After a massive earthquake, devastating tsunami and nuclear crisis, many people made homeless are now facing icy weather, with temperatures forecast ...

Last defense at troubled reactors: 50 Japanese workers

by Keith Bradsher and Hiroko Tabuchi New York Times March 15, 2011

A small crew of technicians, braving radiation and fire, became the only people remaining at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station on Tuesday — and perhaps Japan’s last chance of preventing a broader nuclear catastrophe....

Japan steps closer to a full blown nuclear catastrophe

by Steven Mufson and Chico Harlan Washington Post March 15, 2011

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As other authoritarian leaders fall, North Korea pushes ahead with succession plan

by Chico Harlan Washington Post March 13, 2011

TOKYO — Last Sunday, a crowd of young North Koreans marched through a square in their capital city. They brandished red flags and called for a higher standard of living. But they also carried placards glorifying leader Kim Jong Il, and only a day earlier, they had attended an ideology seminar at w...

Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistan’s sole Christian minister, is assassinated in Islamabad –the second liberal minister killed this year who spoke o...

by Karin Brulliard and Shaiq Hussain Washington Post March 2, 2011

Shahbaz Bhatti, the sole Christian cabinet member in majority-Muslim Pakistan, was shot multiple times by gunmen who surrounded his car as he left for work from his mother's house, near his home in a residential neighborhood. The attackers fled, but fliers scattered at the scene bore the names of th...

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