Leading Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo, gets 11 year term for subversion after he helped draft a petition known as Charter 08 that demanded the right t...

by Andrew Jacobs New York Times December 24, 2009

BEIJING — In an unequivocal rebuke to those pursuing political reforms, a Chinese court on Friday sentenced one of the country’s best-known dissidents to 11 years in prison for subversion....

In Indonesia, middlemen mold outcome of justice by persuading corrupt police officers, prosecutors and judges to drop a case against a client for the ...

by Norimitsu Onishi New York Times December 19, 2009

JAKARTA, Indonesia — They have long worked illegally in the shadows of Indonesia’s police stations, attorney general’s office and courts, the common link in what is called Indonesia’s “judicial mafia.” Called “markuses,” they are middlemen who can persuade corrupt police officers, pr...

Pastoralism unraveling in Mongolia due to low wool prices and high number of goats, creating environmental damage

by Sarah J. Wachter New York Times December 8, 2009

A pungent odor like turpentine wafts over the hillsides north of the Mongolian capital. It comes from the sharilj, a wild plant that has taken over the scalloped landscape, a telltale sign of overgrazing since the plant is inedible for sheep and goats....

Bangladesh: over half of all children living in poverty

by IRIN News December 3, 2009

Over half of Bangladesh’s children are living in poverty and there is widespread deprivation amongst them in the basic areas of food, sanitation and shelter, with limited ability to escape their circumstances, according to experts. ...

In Nobel Peace Prize lecture, Yunus says poverty is a threat to peace, calls for development assistance to create corporations owned by poor people

by Muhammad Yunus' Nobel Peace September 7, 2006

(Oslo, December 10, 2006) Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Honorable Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Grameen Bank and I are deeply honored to receive this most prestigious of awards. We are thrilled and overwhelmed by this honor. Since the Nobe...

Selling a Kidney to Escape Desperate Poverty Does Not Suceed, JAMA Study Finds

by October 5, 2002

October 5, 2002) People in southern India who hoped to escape poverty by selling a kidney were usually worse off financially and less healthy after surgery, a study published in the October 2, 2002 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association found. The study by Madhav Goyal and other...

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