Darfur campaign finds a powerful friend in MySpace

by Frank Ahrens Washington Post October 10, 2006

Bich Ngoc Cao had been interested in the Darfur crisis since she took a class on the history of genocide at the University of Southern California. In May, she traveled from her home in Los Angeles to Washington for the rallies on the Mall. ...

Sudan divestment effort gains momentum at state level

by Nora Boustany Washington Post October 7, 2006

House members are scattering to their home states this week with inconclusive results on the humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of western Sudan, but momentum is growing at the state level for governments to divest public funds from companies, mostly foreign-based, doing business with Khartoum...

George Soros donates $50 million to implement African Millennium Villages project

by BBC News September 13, 2006

US billionaire George Soros is to give $50m (£26.7m)to help tackle poverty and Aids in Africa. Mr Soros pledged to hand the cash to the United Nations' (UN) Millennium Villages Project over five years. ...

Gates, Rockefeller charities Join to fight African hunger

by Karen DeYoung Washington Post September 13, 2006

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the world's richest charity, joined with the Rockefeller Foundation yesterday to launch a new development initiative for sub-Saharan Africa that they said would revolutionize food production and reduce hunger and poverty for tens of millions of people....

In Darfur, terror from the air. Sudan intensifies use of helicopter gunships and bombs, driving more villagers from their homes.

by Glenn Kessler and Craig Timberg Washington Post September 9, 2006

EL FASHER, Sudan, Sept. 8 -- Yagoub Mustafa, 45, could not easily mimic the "whoop whoop whoop, boom! boom! boom!" of two helicopter gunships that fired rockets into the huts in his Darfur village. He tried to make the noises, but they were not loud enough, or terrifying enough. ...

Army unleashes military offensive in Darfur

by IRIN News September 6, 2006

Expectations that leaders of the world's richest nations meeting in Scotland this week would take far-reaching steps to eradicate poverty in Africa have not been met, with limited progress on debt relief, increased aid to the continent or the dismantling of unfair trade practices....

Makoko, a slum of houses on stilts in central Lagos, Nigeria. Photo ©Sarah Simpson/IRIN

NIGERIA: Lagos, mega-city of slums

by IRIN News September 2, 2006

President Festus Mogae declared Botswana "drought stricken" after poor rainfall resulted in widespread crop failure, and has announced relief measures that will run until June next year....

Sudan Says No as U.N. Backs Force For Darfur

by Glenn Kessler and Craig Timberg Washington Post September 1, 2006

The U.N. Security Council yesterday approved a long-sought resolution that would place an expanded peacekeeping force in Sudan's troubled Darfur region under U.N. authority, even as the government appeared to have begun a new offensive against rebel forces....

Darfur humanitarian assistance near collapse as the result of increased conflict, U.N. official says

by IRIN News August 29, 2006

The Sudanese government and two Darfur rebel groups have finally signed a broad declaration of principles, but have postponed working out the finer details of the peace settlement until the end of August, mediators from the African Union said....

Photo: IRIN  A Zimbabwean mother and daughter try to make a living by walking across the border to sell food in Zambia

Zimbabwean mother and daughter try to make a living by selling food in Zambia

by IRIN News August 23, 2006

As a growing number of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS seek assistance from the state, South Africa's social development department has begun drawing up a plan to address their needs....

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