Government of Cameroon discovers that it pays 45,000 salaries to people that do not exist

by BBC News August 11, 2006

The authorities in Cameroon have discovered that they are paying civil service salaries to 45,000 employees who do not actually exist....

Zimbabweans face chaos and confusion as they try to deposit and spend their cash before it becomes worthless

by BBC News August 9, 2006

Zimbabweans are facing chaos and confusion as they try to deposit and spend their cash before it becomes worthless on 21 August....

Photo: BBC  Money is nearly worthless in Zimbabwe due to inflation of 1200 percent per year, the highest in the world.  The government’s plan to exchange new money for old has created further problems.

Zimbabwe government seizes millions in cash

by BBC News August 9, 2006

Zimbabwean authorities have seized more than $50m worth of old banknotes at roadblocks and border posts in a crackdown on money launderers....

Congo poll count raises concerns

by BBC News August 5, 2006

Serious concerns are being raised about the counting of votes in the Democratic Republic of Congo's first multi-party elections in 40 years....

Aid politics: why Ethiopia and its donors are no longer talking

by David Loyn BBC News August 1, 2006

Aid thinking moves in policy cycles, and the dogma for now, at least for the big European donors, is to give aid directly to governments....

Long wait after landmark Congo poll: results will not be official for several weeks

by Joseph Winter BBC News August 1, 2006

The first results from Sunday's landmark elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo are being published outside some of the 50,000 polling stations around this vast country....

Zimbabwe money loses three zeros as a result of inflation of almost 1,200% per year

by BBC News July 31, 2006

Zimbabwe's central bank has announced that three zeros will be taken off every banknote to help consumers deal with inflation of almost 1,200%....

Poverty worries beset resurgent Zambia

by Jon Cronin BBC News July 19, 2006

BBC News has been to Zambia as part of a special series looking at how Africa is faring one year on after the promises of increased aid made at the G8 summit in Gleneagles....

ZAMBIA: Recovering Copperbelt faces new dangers

by IRIN News July 19, 2006

Togo's newly elected President Faure Gnassingbe has ordered a probe into the violence triggered by the disputed poll that brought him to power last month....

With no prospects, youths in Sierra Leone are turning to crime and violence

by IRIN News December 22, 2005

Rights group Amnesty International has expressed concern at reports that the Zimbabwe government intends to ban international human rights groups as well as foreign funding for local NGOs....

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