Net tightens around northern Uganda’s brutal rebel militia: Lord’s Resistance Army unchecked for 20 years

by Emily Wax Washington Post October 8, 2005

KAMPALA, Uganda -- It was one more incident in what has been called Africa's forgotten war -- a 20-year crusade by a cult-like militia that has driven more than 1.6 million people off their farms, killed tens of thousands and become notorious for kidnapping children into slavery and mutilating civil...

Nigerian police clash with Nigerian troops

by BBC News October 5, 2005

Three Nigerians have died in clashes in Lagos as soldiers fought running battles with police....

Progress and Challenges in Strengthening African Agriculture

by Ousmane Badiane IFPRI October 2, 2005

For the first time, Africans are implementing a comprehensive, African-driven plan to strengthen their agricultural sectors, in which most Africans earn their livelihoods. This plan has a chance at real success in reducing poverty and improving human well-being if African institutions and policymake...

The rise of a market mentality means many go hungry in Niger

by Craig Timberg Washington Post August 11, 2005

MARADI, Niger, Aug. 10 -- With her family's stocks of millet long gone, Rachida Abdou tied her shrunken baby girl to her back and grabbed the emaciated hand of her 7-year-old son. Together, they set out in search of food, or for somebody who might help. ...

One-third of Zimbabwe’s teachers are HIV-positive

by August 10, 2005

(Harare, Zimbabwe August 10, 2005) Teachers are relied on to counsel their students about AIDS, but statistics indicate they are no more knowledgeable about avoiding infection than other Zimbabwean adults. "Teachers are at high risk of getting infected with HIV and AIDS, and already one-third of ...

In pictures: hunger hits Niger

by BBC News August 10, 2005

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Photo: BBC This is the second worst food crisis in Niger’s history

Tons of Food Aid Gradually Arrive in Niger

by Craig Timberg Washington Post August 7, 2005

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Sudan bids farewell to rebel leader John Garang

by BBC News August 7, 2005

Tributes have been paid to former rebel leader John Garang at his funeral in southern Sudan, attended by thousands of mourners including African leaders....

Niger: food trickles in

by BBC News August 3, 2005

Mark Snelling is a member of the British Red Cross Society's Emergency Response Unit in Niger. He has been keeping a diary for the BBC News website....

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