The government of Burundi faces the daunting task of sorting out a land crisis that continues to deepen as thousands of refugees return home.  Photo: © Jocelyne Sambira/IRIN

BURUNDI: Huge challenges in solving land crisis as refugees return home to find others farming their land

by IRIN News November 23, 2006

In efforts to foster peace, legislators from three Great Lakes countries resolved on Friday to follow up and get involved in the implementation of peace treaties agreed upon by governments in the region....

Americans take up Darfur’s cause

by Richard Allen Greene BBC News November 21, 2006

There was table tennis, arm wrestling, billiards, bands ... and a slideshow about the suffering of people in Darfur. In fact, the party was a fundraiser put together by Nick Anderson, 17, and Ana Slavin, 16, co-founders of a new effort to get their peers to raise money for the cause...

HIV epidemic ‘is getting worse’

by BBC News November 21, 2006

Sub-Saharan Africa is still bearing the brunt of the HIV/Aids epidemic, a UNAids report has revealed. Almost three-quarters of deaths from Aids in 2006 occurred there and two-thirds of those living with HIV are in that area....

Annan presents new plan for Darfur peacekeeping force

by BBC News November 16, 2006

Khartoum has previously refused a UN presence in Darfur. Under the plan, UN troops would reinforce AU peacekeepers, leading to a hybrid force....

Loser of Congo election rejects result

by BBC News November 16, 2006

Democratic Republic of Congo presidential candidate Jean-Pierre Bemba has rejected election results that gave victory to Joseph Kabila. The electoral commission announced President Kabila won 58.05% of the vote in the run-off poll, ahead of ex-rebel leader Mr Bemba who got 41.95%. ...

ZIMBABWE: Five year plan to battle HIV/AIDS on farms launched

by IRIN News November 16, 2006

Mali’s largest union sent a shot across the government’s bows on Monday by making good on a promise to hold a 24-hour strike, describing it as a “warning” and vowing to press on until its demands were met....

Dirty water and lack of toilets kill more people than war in West Africa Photo: © Nicholas Reader/IRIN

WEST AFRICA: Still the lowest living standards in world, UN report says

by IRIN News November 10, 2006

The food-security situation in south Sudan - particularly Northern Bahr El Ghazal - remains fragile, as malnutrition rates during an already bad hunger season seem to be further deteriorating and the prospects for the next harvest look bleak, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) warned....

Son of Equatorial Guinea’s president buys $35 million house in Malibu, California

by BBC News November 8, 2006

An anti-graft pressure group has called for a probe into the alleged purchase of a luxury US beach house by the son of Equatorial Guinea's president....

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Climate change threatens food security

by IRIN News November 7, 2006

In a strong show of unity, Guinea’s opposition has called on ailing President Lansana Conte to step aside in favour of a government of national unity....

Top Ethiopian judge flees threats from Ethiopian government, accuses government of killing critics

by BBC News November 6, 2006

One of Ethiopia's most senior judges, Teshale Aberra, has left the country following "continued harassment" from the government, he has told the BBC....

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