A group of armed rebels on the road north of Kaga Bandouro, north-central CAR.  Photo: © IRIN

Central African Republic: Rebels, government blame each other for village destruction

by IRIN News December 15, 2006

Eritrea downplayed the significance of restricting UN helicopters on Thursday, describing recent remarks by the Ethiopian prime minister as duplicitous. Speaking to journalists for the first time since Eritrea grounded UN peacekeeping helicopters earlier this month, a senior government official s...

Child rights advocates say many West African girls suffer from sexual violence at schools. Photo: © IRIN

WEST AFRICA: Girls getting educated but also abused

by IRIN News December 14, 2006

Senegal’s leading private radio was closed down for most of the day on Monday under special instructions from the Interior Ministry after the station interviewed one of the leaders of a two-decade separatist rebellion in the southern Casamance region of the country....

LIBERIA: UN maintains diamond sanction, demanding better government controls

by IRIN News December 13, 2006

On a quiet street in Emina el Bahri, a small town just 10 km from the Sudanese capital Khartoum, Sada Adam sits on the porch of a small shop and sells cups of tea to the locals....

LIBERIA: Speaking out about Taylor’s son

by IRIN News December 13, 2006

See Report...

UGANDA: An HIV/AIDS campaign in crisis?

by IRIN News December 8, 2006

The top negotiator in Liberia’s peace process, Abdulsalami Abubakar, flew into Monrovia on Wednesday to try to ensure that the country’s first elections since the end of a bitter civil war go ahead as scheduled on 11 October....

ZAMBIA: Help for child headed homes

by IRIN News December 8, 2006

Some 250 Zimbabwean families facing forced removal from their makeshift homes for the second time in three months have been granted a last-minute reprieve after a High Court ruling nullified their eviction notice....

Herding cattle is the key job for most young Fulani boys

Walking with young Fulani nomads

by BBC News December 6, 2006

While children elsewhere in the world focus on technology, the young Fulani nomads in West Africa still follow the traditional way of life. As part of the BBC's Generation Next series, Idy Baraou has been talking to some of the youngsters about their lives on the move....

United States Justice Dept. brings first charges for torture abroad. Ex-Liberian president’s son, Chuckie Taylor Indicted for torture in Liberia.

by Human Rights Watch December 6, 2006

(New York) - The US Department of Justice today took a major step against impunity for atrocities in bringing its first-ever criminal charges for torture committed outside the United States. The Justice Department indicted Charles "Chuckie" Taylor, Jr., son of the former Liberian president and c...

Burundi government under pressure to curb continued rights violations

by IRIN News November 27, 2006

Security officials in Somalia's self-declared autonomous region of Puntland arrested a radio editor on Monday over a story on corruption in a local prison, the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said....

Sudan’s Darfur ‘close to abyss’

by BBC News November 23, 2006

He said the number of people in "desperate need" of aid in Darfur had risen to 4 million, compared to 1 million two years ago....

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