Conflict in northern Uganda displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians forcing them into crowded camps. Photo: Manoocher Deghati/IRIN

Uganda: Lord’s Resistance Army to remain in the bush until International Criminal Court indictments are lifted

by IRIN News July 9, 2007

Uganda's rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has said its fighters will remain in hiding even if a peace deal with the government is reached, unless indictments against several of its leaders are lifted. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has indicted five LRA commanders, including the group's...

Rwanda recognized the seriousness of the AIDS epidemic early on.  Photo: AFP

Parts of Africa see slowing in AIDS epidemic

by BBC News June 14, 2007

The spread of Aids is slowing down in some parts of Africa, a World Bank report has suggested.Urban areas in Rwanda, Zambia and Ethiopia were singled out as places where infection rates were lowering.The World Bank's Miriam Schneidman told the BBC that Rwanda had done an "exceptional job" in recogni...

Regina Nzokirantevye, a 70-year old displaced woman living in a camp in Buganda commune of Burundi’s northwestern Cibitoke Province. Photo: Jane Some/IRIN
Ousmane Sembene’s 1993 film ‘Guelwaar’ equates Africa’s dependency on aid with prostitution. Photo: New Yorker Films

Ousmane Sembène, critic of Africa’s dependency on aid, dies

by IRIN News June 12, 2007

Senegal’s leading film maker and author Ousmane Sembène, who was a staunch critic of Africans taking aid from the West, is dead. His films and books often touched on issues of colonialism and Western racism but his subject always focused on what Africans need to do for themselves. “The on...

Press freedom declines in sub-Saharan Africa

by Freedom House May 3, 2007

(Washington, D.C., May 2, 2007) Overall press freedom in much of sub-Saharan Africa declined in 2006, particularly in the Horn of Africa as well as East Africa, according to Freedom of the Press 2007, released today by Freedom House. However, there were noticeable improvements in the legal environme...

Starbucks and Ethiopia on the verge of coffee trademark deal

by Oxfam May 3, 2007

(May 3, 2007) Oxfam welcomed today's news that Starbucks and the Ethiopian Government have agreed in principle to sign a licensing, distribution and marketing agreement this month that recognises the importance and integrity of Ethiopia's specialty coffee names, Harar, Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. Phi...

59 percent of the thousands of children that die in Niger every year die because of problems related to malnutrition, according to UNICEF Photo: Nicholas Reader/IRIN

Sahel: strategic shift in battle against region’s high death toll

by IRIN News April 26, 2007

Every year in the Sahel region of West Africa, hundreds of thousands of children die, and malnutrition means millions of others will live on with permanent mental disability and physical stunting....

Zambia pays ‘vulture fund’ $15 million

by BBC News April 22, 2007

Donegal International - described by critics as a "vulture fund" - had taken the country to court seeking payment of a debt, and late payment penalties....

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