United States

Firms to invest in food production for world’s poor

by Stephanie Strom New York Times May 17, 2012

The Obama administration has drafted some of the world’s largest food and finance companies to invest more than $3 billion in projects aimed at helping the world’s poorest farmers grow enough food to not only feed themselves and their families but to earn a livelihood as well....

In Kakola, Uganda the United States has been training troops for deployment to Somalia. The current class of 3,500 Ugandan soldiers, the biggest since the camp opened five years ago, is preparing to deploy to Somalia to join a growing international force composed entirely of African troops but largely financed by Washington.  Photo: Washington Post. View photo gallery

US trains troops for Somali fight

by Craig Whitlock Washington Post May 14, 2012

The heart of the Obama administration’s strategy for fighting al-Qaeda militants in Somalia can be found next to a cow pasture here, a thousand miles from the front lines....

Extended jobless benefits cut in eight states

by Michael A. Fletcher Washington Post May 11, 2012

More than 230,000 jobless Americans will lose their unemployment insurance by this weekend as reductions in the federal program that provides extended benefits to the long-term unemployed take broader effect.The new round of reductions is hitting eight states this month, meaning that about 400,000 l...

House bill offers $261 billion in cuts to programs helping struggling Americans in order to save military spending

by Jonathan Weisman New York Times May 7, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Republican-led House this week will lay bare the choice between social programs and Pentagon spending in an age of austerity when it takes up legislation to slice $261 billion from food stamps, Medicaid, social services and other programs for struggling Americans over the next dec...

Reasons abound for lack of job growth (jobs added in April 115,000; workers dropping out of job market 342,000; still unemployed 13,700,000)

by Catherine Rampell New York Times May 4, 2012

The nation’s employers are creating jobs at less than half the pace they were when this year began, according to a government report released Friday....

4 years later, race is still an issue for some voters

by Sabrina Tavernise New York Times May 3, 2012

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — This is the land of die-hard Democrats — mill workers, coal miners and union members. They have voted party line for generations, forming a reliable constituency for just about any Democrat who decides to run for office.But when it comes to President Obama, a small part of t...

America’s long-term unemployed: ‘For those looking for work, it’s very bleak’

by Dominic Rushe The Guardian May 3, 2012

Before the birth of her fourth child, Keron Bartholomew decided she needed to be near her family in Orlando, Florida. Her partner, Fernando Bogle, was still in college in New York, and was hoping to become a pharmacist. He planned to join them when he graduated. But within a year of her move in 2009...

Fallout of Bin Laden raid: Aid groups in Pakistan are suspect

by Declan Walsh New York Times May 2, 2012

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — In the shadows of the American operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the fate of a small-town Pakistani doctor recruited by the C.I.A. to help track the Qaeda leader still looms between the two countries, a sore spot neither can leave untouched....

CEO pay and the top 1%–How executive compensation and financial-sector pay have fueled income inequality

by Lawrence Mishel and Natalie Sabadish Economic Policy Institute May 2, 2012

Growing income inequality has a number of sources, but a distinct aspect of rising inequality in the United States is the wage gap between the very highest earners—those in the upper 1.0 percent or even upper 0.1 percent—and other earners, including other high-wage earners. Driving this ever-wid...