United States

US added 163,000 jobs in July; unemployment rate ticks up to 8.3 percent

by Peter Whoriskey Washington Post August 3, 2012

The United States added 163,000 jobs in July but the monthly unemployment rate nonetheless inched up to 8.3, a contradictory pair of figures that illustrate the muddled state of the economy....

People standing outside Chosen 300 Ministries Outreach Center in Philadelphia. The Christian group in Philadelphia is fighting a city ban on feeding homeless people and has vowed that regardless of any fines, they will continue doing the work Christ sent his followers to do. Photo: Chosen 300 (undated photo)

Charity ready to defy Philadelphia ban on feeding homeless

by Stoyan Zaimov Christian Post July 18, 2012

A Christian group in Philadelphia is fighting a city ban on feeding homeless people and has vowed that regardless of any fines, they will continue doing the work Christ sent his followers to do. ...

USDA prepared to approve soy plant genetically modified to withstand 2,4-D, a highly toxic herbicide used to defoliate during Vietnam war

by Tom Philpott Mother Jones July 18, 2012

In early July, on the sleepy Friday after Independence Day, the USDA quietly signaled its intention to green-light a new genetically engineered soybean seed from Dow AgroSciences. The product is designed to produce soy plants that withstand 2,4-D, a highly toxic herbicide (and, famously, the less to...

Farmer Albert Walsh walks through a drought-damaged corn field in Carmi, Ill.  Photo: Daniel Acker / Bloomberg iew photo gallery

Drought in U.S. reaching levels not seen in 50 years, pushing up crop prices

by Peter Whoriskey and Michael A. Fletcher Washington Post July 16, 2012

A drought gripping the Corn Belt and more than half the United States has reached proportions not seen in more than 50 years, the government reported Monday, jacking up crop prices and threatening to drive up the cost of food....

Two classes, divided by ‘I do’

by Jason DeParle New York Times July 14, 2012

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Jessica Schairer has so much in common with her boss, Chris Faulkner, that a visitor to the day care center they run might get them confused....

Most Americans earn more than parents, but only a third rise in income class, study says

by Annie Gowen Washington Post July 9, 2012

The overwhelming majority of Americans still make more money than their parents, but upward mobility is elusive for many, particularly for African Americans and those without a college degree, according to a new study released Monday....

Mysterious fatal crash offers rare look at U.S. commando presence in Mali

by Craig Whitlock Washington Post July 8, 2012

In pre-dawn darkness, a ­Toyota Land Cruiser skidded off a bridge in North Africa in the spring, plunging into the Niger River. When rescuers arrived, they found the bodies of three U.S. Army commandos — alongside three dead women....

Job growth remains tepid

by Catherine Rampell New York Times July 6, 2012

It is increasingly apparent what the economy will look like when President Obama faces voters in November: pretty much what it looks like today.And that picture, a report from the Labor Department made clear on Friday, is far from the booming job growth that prevailed only a few months ago. In June,...

‘No child left behind’ law whittled down by White House: 26 states are now relieved from meeting the goal of making all students proficien...

by Motoko Rich New York Times July 6, 2012

In just five months, the Obama administration has freed schools in more than half the nation from central provisions of the No Child Left Behind education law, raising the question of whether the decade-old federal program has been essentially nullified....

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