Hunger Fighters Interview: The Borgen Project

by June 9, 2018

Hunger Fighters Interview: The Borgen Project This is part of a series we are doing about real people who are working to fight hunger and poverty around the world. This episode focuses on the staff of The Borgen Project, an advocacy group that works to increase awareness and actio...

Photo: Herders take their animals to drink water in Niger, which FAO says is among the countries currently in need of external food assistance. [Giulio Napolitano/FAO]

Hunger surges amid deadly conflicts, poor weather conditions in many countries – UN agriculture agency

by United Nations UN News June 8, 2018

Despite ample food supplies, persistent conflicts and adverse climate shocks are taking a toll on global food security, according to a new report launched on Thursday by the United Nation’s agriculture agency....

White sliced bread is cheap – and you can stuff something cheap between it. [Photograph: Rex]

The miller’s tale: poverty, obesity and the 45p loaf

by Felicity Lawrence The Guardian June 3, 2018

The UK’s public health epidemic is forcing a rethink on how low-income families can enjoy a better diet. At age five, UK children in poor households are twice as likely to be obese as those in richer ones. By age 11, they are three times as likely to be obese,...

Photo of food in a garbage bin.  Poland wastes at least 8.9 million tonnes of food every year.  [Claudia Ciobanu / IPS]

Food Waste Enough to Feed World’s Hungry Four Times Over

by Thalif Deen Inter Press Service News Agency May 28, 2018

Inter Press Service (IPS) News Agency interviewed Alessandro Demaio, Chief Executive Officer of the Norway-based EAT, an international NGO engaged in the fight against hunger. Demaio said “At EAT, our mission is a simple but ambitious one: to transform the global food system and enable us to feed ...

Photo: A local man selling street food in Ampefy, Madagascar. [Getty Images]

Harnessing Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Diets

by Sir John Beddington News Deeply May 12, 2018

Poor diets are posing a greater global health risk than air pollution, alcohol, drug and tobacco use combined. Sir John Beddington, co-chair of Global Panel, unpacks its latest policy brief to explore opportunities for public-private partnerships....

Photo: Volunteers of the international NGO Kuwait Patients Helping Fund prepare a mixture for feeding malnourished children, as well as pregnant and lactating women, in Abu Shouk camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), North Darfur. [UN Photo/Albert González Farran]

Global Food Security: A Primer

by Eric Schewe JSTOR Daily May 10, 2018

In his monthly column, Security State of Mind, Middle Eastern History scholar Eric Schewe interrogates what’s new, interesting, and strange in the world of security studies. This month, his focus is "food security."...

Researcher exposes the reality of food insecurity in New Zealand

by May 4, 2018

In New Zealand, Massey University's Dr. Rebekah Graham found that a growing number of people experience food insecurity. "Subsequently, inequality and poverty in Aotearoa/New Zealand has grown at an extraordinary rate. The divide between the wealthy and everyone else has grown faster than in any oth...

Hunger: The brutal reality

by Ram Chandra Neupane The Himalayan Times May 1, 2018

Useful op ed for young people trying to understand what global hunger is and why it exists....

Richard V. Reeves, Senior Fellow – Economic Studies & Co-Director – Center on Children and Families (Photo: Brookings)  

Earth Day: it is about equity as well as the environment

by Eleanor Krause and Richard V. Reeves Brookings April 22, 2018

Low-income and minority households are more likely to live in neighborhoods exposed to higher levels of water and air pollution. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about environmental poverty as an additional dimension of poverty....

Franck Bousquet, senior director of the World Bank Fragility, Conflict & Violence Group (Photo: World Bank)

Q&A: The World Bank’s pivot to fragile states

by Michael Igoe Devex April 21, 2018

The World Bank is taking steps to move earlier into conflict-affected and fragile countries with more funding, more staff, and a mandate to focus on prevention, according to the institution’s fragility, conflict, and violence director....