Desert Locust Plague in East Africa

by Ben Curtis, Josphat Kasire and Cara Anna Associated Press January 25, 2020

According to the cited article by the Associated Press, Kenya is experiencing the worst Desert Locust outbreak in the past 70 years. Ethiopia and Somalia are having the worst infestation since in the past 25 years. These attacks greatly affect food security in rural areas. ...

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

New Planning Tool – WFP’s HungerMap

by Anna Gustilo-Ong World Food Programme January 22, 2020

On January 20, 2020 the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) launched HungerMap.  HungerMap shows, in near real-time, current food security situations across the globe.  This article,

An Interview with David Nabarro

by WHES November 7, 2019

Margie Ferris Morris and Peter Morris interviewed Dr. David Nabarro on a recent trip to Switzerland. David currently is the Founder and CEO of 4SD, a social enterprise based in Geneva. He has been a long-time advocate of nutrition and food security issues and was the recipient of the 2018 World ...


Healthy diet means a healthy planet, study shows

by Damian Carrington The Guardian October 29, 2019

Healthier food choices almost always benefit environment as well, according to analysis ...

In photos: Finding food on the front line of climate change

by Charlotte Hodges The Independent October 20, 2019

Niger is one of the driest climates on earth. Yuk Sugiura's powerful pictures capture how its people are living amidst a silent hunger crisis...

The many faces of global hunger – in pictures

by Chris de Bode, Abbie Trayler-Smith and Nora Lorek The Guardian October 16, 2019

Three award-winning photographers capture what hunger looks like around the world...

One in three young children undernourished or overweight: UNICEF

by Al Jazeera Al Jazeera October 14, 2019

Report finds 149 million children four or younger suffer stunting and that malnutrition costs the world $3.5tr yearly....


A Shadowy Industry Group Shapes Food Policy Around the World

by Andrew Jacobs New York Times October 10, 2019

When the Indian government bowed to powerful food companies last year and postponed its decision to put red warning labels on unhealthy packaged food, officials also sought to placate critics of the delay by creating an expert panel to review the proposed labeling system, which would have gone far b...

Eight Innovations Ending Food Loss

by Colton Fagundes Food Tank September 9, 2019

Food Tank highlights eight ways that innovators are solving the issue of post-harvest food loss in developing countries....

Public health movement leader David Sanders dies at 74

by Scroll Staff September 2, 2019

Sanders, who worked mainly in Zimbabwe and South Africa, influenced the public health movement in India significantly....