Global Hunger

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Understanding the Basics

Hunger is measured by the percentage of the population who are undernourished—people who can not afford or access enough nutritious food for a healthy life.  Across the globe, millions of families struggle to get enough food and in some cases, any food at all.

To end global hunger, nutritious food needs to be affordable and available to everyone. By increasing our knowledge of what works and scaling up our actions to reduce hunger, we can end global hunger in our lifetime

Read and download Understanding Global Hunger, then test your knowledge about global hunger with the quiz below.

Global hunger fact sheet cover titled Understanding Global Hunger (2023)





Download the PDF.



  • 1. What is the primary definition of hunger?
  • 2. Unlike hunger, which measures nutritious food intake over time, what does food insecurity measure?

  • 3. Global hunger rates have stalled in 2022, although numbers are still higher than before the COVID-19 epidemic. Which region has proportionally more people who experience hunger than anywhere else in the world, and hunger rates continue to rise?
  • 4. What causes global hunger?
  • 5. What did the Feed the Future program help Mossamat Monjuara Khatun from Bangladesh increase?
  • 6. What percentage of the global population could not afford a healthy diet in 2022?
  • 7. What behavior is changing the food system and increasing global rates of obesity?
  • 8. How does hunger impact an individual?
  • 9. What is the role of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in combating global hunger?
  • 10. To end hunger in all forms, all people must be able to do what?
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    • Promote individual and collective commitments to sustainable hunger solutions.