Video: Soybean Innovation Lab SMART Farm Improves Livelihoods of Smallholder Farmers in Africa

by Dan Boomgarden Agrilinks January 27, 2017

Watch how the Soybean Innovation Lab's SMART Farm is generating critical new data for increasing smallholder farmer yields....

People are starving in East Africa — again — as the world looks away

by Robyn Dixon Los Angeles Times January 16, 2017

Humanitarian groups are growing increasingly concerned about two hunger emergencies unfolding in East Africa -- one caused by drought, the other by war. Millions of people in Ethiopia and South Sudan are short on food, international agencies say, and in South Sudan, conflict has made it difficult...

Residents of an IDP camp in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo receive food rations distributed by WFP. Photo: WFP
Residents of an IDP camp in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo receive food rations distributed by WFP. Photo: WFP

The Grinch’s not-so-festive guide to food ration cuts

by Obi Anyadike IRIN December 30, 2016

It’s been a hard year for the most vulnerable among us. This is partly due to tightening aid budgets, but it’s also the result of there simply being so many more people in crisis who need help. See full report at...

Farmers in the Horn of Africa need urgent support to recover from consecutive lost harvests and to keep their breeding livestock healthy and productive at a time that pastures are the driest in years. Photo: FAO News.

With continued drought, Horn of Africa braces for another hunger season

by FAO News December 21, 2016

Countries in the Horn of Africa are likely to see a rise in hunger and further decline of local livelihoods in the coming months, as farming families struggle with the knock-on effects of multiple droughts that hit the region this year, FAO warned today. Growing numbers of refugees in East Africa, m...

Map from FEWSNET

A Famine likely occurred in Northeast Nigeria and may be ongoing in inaccessible areas of Borno State

by Special Report FEWSNET December 13, 2016

Key Messages:  In Nigeria, a famine "likely occurred in Bama and Banki towns during 2016...although this conclusion cannot be fully verified, a preponderance of the available evidence, including a representative mortality survey, suggests that Famine (IPC Phase 5) occurred in Bama LGA during 2016,...

Photo: Zimbabweland

Farmer-led irrigation in Africa: Driving a new Green Revolution?

by Ian Scoones Zimbabweland December 10, 2016

A new open access review paper is just out in the Journal of Peasant Studies on farmer-led irrigation in Africa.  The paper offers a fantastically useful overview of the debate about what form of irrigation is most likely to support increases in smallholder production and livelihoods in Africa. ...

A suspected oil thief is pulled out of a crane in Elechi Beach. Photo: Magnus Boding Hansen/IRIN
A suspected oil thief is pulled out of a crane in Elechi Beach. Photo:  ©  Magnus Boding Hansen/IRIN

Can $10 billion end Nigeria’s century-long oil war?

by Magnus Boding Hansen IRIN November 23, 2016

Militant groups are fighting for a greater share of Niger Delta's vast oil wealth.   See full story at

Grazing on the outskirts of Kibera, a Nairobi slum. Photo: Andrew Renneisen / The New York Times
Grazing on the outskirts of Kibera, a Nairobi slum. As the city’s population swells, fences go up, big roads chop the wilderness into smaller pieces, rural turns suburban and suburban turns urban. Photo:  ©   Andrew Renneisen / The New York Times  Also see video.

As grasslands dwindle, Kenya’s shepherds seek urban pastures

by Jeffrey Gettleman New York Times November 21, 2016

NAIROBI, Kenya — Allan Lemayian is what you would call an urban shepherd. He goes where the green grass grows. It doesn’t matter if that grass grows along a four-lane highway or in front of a Shell station or o...

Woman farming.
Southern Africa has been suffering from an extreme drought due to El Nino, as this video explains.

The massive food crisis you haven’t heard about (video)

by Center for Strategic & International Studies November 8, 2016

In Southern Africa almost 40 million people will likely need emergency assistance before the year is out. The weather system El Nino is causing abnormal weather conditions, wreaking havoc in the region. CSIS saw the impact for itself in June, during a visit to Mozambique and Malawi. ...

Mozambique farmer. Photo: Bread for the World
Mozambique farmer.  The ProSavanah project in Mozambique, which was supposed to transform 35 million acres into foreign-owned soybean plantations has failed, but many other projects continue, according to the new report, “Land Matrix Analytical Report II: International Land Deals for Agriculture.”  Photo: Bread for the World

Land grab update: Mozambique, Africa still in crosshairs

by Timothy A. Wise Food Tank November 3, 2016

More than 1,000 large-scale foreign land deals are now under contract for agriculture covering more than 26 million hectares of land, according to the new report, "Land Matrix Analytical Report II: Internation...