Weak agricultural finance, drought feed malnutrition in Zimbabwe

by Ignatius Banda Inter Press Service December 15, 2015

Around 80 percent of South Sudan’s working-age youth are unemployed or underemployed, and many have joined the conflict. Loyola-Marymount University’s professor of African Studies, Jok Madut Jok.explains: “Why do all these unemployed youths flock to the conflict? They join because they have no...

Farmers will have limited access to climate smart agricultural knowledge and skills as cash strapped Zimbabwe cuts technical assistance from agricultural extension officers. Photo: © Busani Bafana/IPS

Farmers, civil society organizations rally behind environmentalist jailed for exposing land grabbing in Cameroon

by Mborn Sixtus Inter Press Service December 15, 2015

WENCHI, Ethi­o­pia - The cows Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the of type and scrambled...

In Nigeria, Chinese investment comes with a downside

by Keith Bradsher and Adam Nossiter New York Times December 5, 2015

Emeka Ezelugha was excited to open a computer training center. He could teach his countrymen some skills and earn a living.But soon after the center opened in a rough, two-story concrete building in Lagos, a blaze broke out in the main classroom. The flames incinerated 30 desktop computers, as well ...

Workitu Tegenu and her children at their home near Welenchi. Photo: Colin Cosier/IRIN

Ready or not―drought tests Ethiopia

by Colin Cosier IRIN News November 27, 2015

Herding weary sheep up a dusty path, Hussein Boru knows he won’t find green pastures. He’s just looking for the minimum to keep his flock fed in drought-hit eastern Ethiopia....

South Sudan food team finds risk of ‘widespread catastrophe’

by Tom Miles Reuters November 26, 2015

South Sudan was plunged into a civil war in December 2013 when a political crisis triggered fighting between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and rebels allied with his former deputy Riek Machar. The conflict has reopened ethnic faultlines that pit Kiir's Dinka people against Machar's ethnic Nue...

Pope, in Kenya, calls for compassion for poor and nurturing of youth

by Jeffrey Gettleman New York Times November 26, 2015

That was Pope Francis’ message on Thursday to hundreds of thousands of Kenyans who gathered for a rain-soaked Mass, their open umbrellas spread tip to tip, their feet sinking into the mud....

Pope Francis arrives in a Kenya fed up with graft

by Jeffrey Gettleman New York Times November 25, 2015

The Kenyan bigwigs in the official motorcade from the airport rode in polished Mercedes and fancy four-by-fours, but the pope waved to the crowds from the back seat of what one Kenyan newspaper dubbed a “lowly miniature Honda car.”...

Mariama Sonko, third from right, with a women farmers’ organization. Mariama Sonko is a farmer and organizer in Casamance, Senegal. She is the National Coordinator of We Are the Solution, a campaign for food sovereignty led by rural women in West Africa. Photo courtesy of Fahamu.

We are the solution: African women organize for land and seed sovereignty. An interview with Mariama Sonko.

by Simone Adler and Beverly Bell Other Worlds November 4, 2015

Mariama Sonko, third from right, with a women farmers' organization. Photo courtesy of Fahamu.Mariama Sonko is a farmer and organizer in Casamance, Senegal. She is the National Coordinator of We Are the Solution, a campaign for food sovereignty led by rural women in West Africa....

Ethiopia tries to avert another famine. Mindful of past disasters, Ethiopians are readier than before to deal with drought.

by The Economist November 2, 2015

JUMPING a fence of prickly pears, Gumat Hussain, a local chief in the driest district of North Wollo, Ethiopia’s most drought-prone province, walks gloomily through his sorghum. “The crops have not produced grain. They are useless even for the animals,” he sighs. El Niño, the world’s larges...

A little girl feeds the family herd in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Photo: Mohammad Ibrahim/IRIN

Cattle rustlers profit from Boko Haram bonanza

by Mohammad Ibrahim IRIN News September 28, 2015

Malama Amina stands quietly in the middle of her late husband’s compound in northwestern Nigeria trying to figure out how she will feed herself and her six children in the coming months....

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