Anglican Church of Kenya helps tackle food and plastic waste

The Anglican Church of Kenya has been tackling the issue of food security through its development wing, the Anglican Development Services (ADS). Food waste is a real problem in Kenya. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, growers lost over 1.9 million tonnes of food in 2017, worth $1.5 billion USD (approximately £1.2 billion GBP).

Seven-Eleven leads Japan’s drive to cut food waste

Seven-Eleven Japan will ease a delivery requirement for food makers as part of efforts to reduce food waste.

The operator of the 7-Eleven convenience store chain will accept short-dated instant noodles that otherwise would have been thrown away under current regulations.

Seven-Eleven is effectively breaking with the “one-third rule,” which requires food makers to deliver products within the first third of the period between the production and expiration dates. Products that are delivered past the date are returned to makers and mostly discarded.

How one Atlanta startup solved the biggest problem in food waste recovery

Goodr is a two-year-old startup that provides restaurants, airports, convention centers and other food service operations with a blockchain-based digital platform to track surplus food and a food waste recovery service. Essentially, Goodr offers insights to help food businesses reduce waste, and then picks up and donates what waste they don’t mitigate.