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(Photo: New Haven Independent)

Combatting Hunger, 8 Schools Add Dinner

by Christopher Peak New Haven Independent February 20, 2018

8 schools in New Haven, Connecticut have added a third meal for students who might otherwise go hungry after school. The New Haven Food Policy Council requested that the district to offer three meals a day. Now the administration is trying to expand the number of schools where kids won’t go home h...

WATCH-How Brooklyn’s Hottest Brunch Spot Aims for Zero-Waste

by Staff Tasting Table February 12, 2018

One of the most-discussed topics in the food world isn’t what goes into a dish. Instead, it’s what’s being thrown out after that dish is made. Food waste is the hot issue of the moment for an industry that’s generating around 571,000 tons of food waste every year....

How I Stopped Being Ashamed Of My EBT Card

by Janelle Harris Buzzfeed January 28, 2018

A personal account of what it is like to use food stamps: "I used my EBT card because I needed the help, but the stigma around food stamps made the process humiliating."...

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Virginia creates fund to eliminate ‘food deserts’ in the state

by Erika Kincaid Food Dive January 25, 2018

The goal of the Virginia Grocery Investment Fund would be to financially motivate supermarkets to open up or renovate stores in the state's underserved communities. Virginia will invest $7.5 million for the program, which is similar to those in other states....

Aiden Reed points out vegetables painted on the wall at the Oakland Museum of California. The museum’s new exhibit, “Take Root: Oakland Grows Food,” explores the city’s urban farming community. [Ali Tadayon/Bay Area News Group]

New Oakland museum exhibit spotlights local urban farmers

by Ali Tadayon East Bay Times January 15, 2018

A new exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California aims to grow visitors’ knowledge of how, where and why food is grown in the city. “Take Root: Oakland Grows Food” highlights Oakland urban farmers and explains the challenges they face and motivations for doing what they do. ...

[Photo: Keith Williamson, Flickr]

Food made from ‘ugly’ produce could be a beautiful business opportunity

by Cassie Chew Food Dive January 12, 2018

A growing number of manufacturers are meeting consumer demand for mission-based, sustainable and plant-based food by developing products made from "ugly" produce....

Mazon’s “This is Hunger” truck/exhibit [Photo/Courtesy Mazon]

“This is Hunger” truck on exhibit in California

by J.Staff The Jewish News of Northern California January 9, 2018

The traveling, interactive exhibit put on by Mazon, a Jewish advocacy and policy group working to end hunger in this country and Israel, has visited more than 50 cities on its 16-month tour in the US ...

Photo: Philip Cohen via New Food Economy

Prison food is making U.S. inmates disproportionately sick

by H. Claire Brown and Joe Fassler The New Food Economy January 8, 2018

According to a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), published in the American Journal of Public Health, correctional inmates are 6.4 times more likely to suffer from a food-related illness than the general population....

A college student selecting groceries from an on-campus food pantry [Photo: Dan Speicher, Trib Review]

New York governor calls for food pantries at all public colleges

by Jamie Martines Pittsburgh Tribune Review January 3, 2018

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is calling for all state universities to provide physical food pantries on campus or provide other means for students in need to receive food, making New York the first state to require every public campus to have a food pantry....

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Children in charter schools shouldn’t go hungry

by Eve Rifkin The Hill December 26, 2017

Only three US States and the District of Columbia require public charter schools to provide meals to needy students and current policy regarding which schools are required to provide meals for poor students is left entirely up to the states. ...