Death toll in Syrian civil war near 93,000, UN says

by David Jolly New York Times June 13, 2013

PARIS — Civilians are bearing the brunt of the fighting in Syria, Navi Pillay, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, said Thursday, with 92,901 killings documented there through the end of April, a number that may understate the magnitude of the violence that has devastated cities...

Ten ways to save a million lives

by IRIN News June 10, 2013

In London on 8 June, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, together with an array of presidents, prime ministers, businesspeople and philanthropists, signed the Global Nutrition for Growth Compact, an agreement to improve the nutrition of children and pregnant women around the world. Inside the meeting r...

Global carbon emissions hit record high in 2012

by Nina Chestney Reuters June 10, 2013

China led a rise in global carbon dioxide emissions to a record high in 2012, more than offsetting falls in the United States and Europe, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Monday....

2 of 3 people face hunger as Haiti woes mount

by Trenton Daniel Associated Press June 10, 2013

See Report...

Syria appeal is biggest in UN history

by David Tran The Guardian June 7, 2013

The UN has launched the largest emergency appeal in its history – $5bn (£3.2bn) – as it warned that half the population will need humanitarian aid by the end of the year....

Nutrition ‘must be a global priority’, say researchers as malnutrition is implicated in 45 percent of child deaths

by Helen Briggs BBC News June 5, 2013

Malnutrition is responsible for 45% of the global deaths of children under the age of five, research published in the Lancet medical journal suggests. Poor nutrition leads to the deaths of about 3.1 million under-fives annually, it says....

A photo from March 2012 shows Robert Becker of the National Democratic Institute, who has been given a two-year sentence. An Egyptian court convicted and sentenced to jail 43 nonprofit workers, including 16 Americans. Photo:Khaled Elfiqi/EPA

Egypt convicts 43 NGO workers, including 16 Americans, on charges of using foreign funds to foment unrest

by Griff Witte Washington Post June 4, 2013

CAIRO — An Egyptian court on Tuesday convicted and sentenced to jail 43 nonprofit workers, including 16 Americans, in a case that has alarmed democracy advocates who fear a shrinking space for civil society more than two years after the country’s revolution....

UN urged to adopt 2030 goal of ending extreme poverty

by BBC News May 30, 2013

A commitment to end extreme poverty by 2030 is one of the key recommendations from an international panel co-chaired by David Cameron....

children are at risk of underperforming at school because of chronic malnutrition, Save the Children says

by BBC News May 27, 2013

Missing out on a nutritious diet could severely damage a child's ability to read and write, it said. The study found that malnourished children suffered irreversible damage; they grew up smaller and weaker, and their brains might not develop fully....

Forty organizations that are shaking up the food system

by Food Tank May 23, 2013

Since our launch in January, Food Tank has worked to amplify the messages of groups working around the world to improve the food system. The 40 organizations we're highlighting today are doing invaluable work to change the way we eat, grow, cook, buy, and sell food. Our hope is that the more peo...