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Saving millions for just a few dollars: cost-effective health measures for poor nations

by David Brown Washington Post April 1, 2006

Who would have thought those annoyances were one of the great health-care investments of our age? At a cost of $5 for every year of life they save or year of disability they prevent, speed bumps are a bargain that no health minister in a poor country is going to want to pass up. It's in the same lea...

AFRICA: Feachem reflects on Global Fund journey

by IRIN News March 26, 2006

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New non-profit attempts to develop production facility for new tuberculosis vaccines

by Justin Gillis Washington Post March 23, 2006

A man named Jerald Sadoff rushes from room to room down a corridor sealed by air locks from the outside world, pointing toward elegant contrivances of pipes and valves and vessels. Afternoon sun filters through thick plate windows, and stainless-steel surfaces gleam....

Burkina Faso: Finding the words to talk about HIV

by IRIN March 9, 2006

Burkinabe songstress Pyane Djire knows that the power of a song is in the story that it tells and as an HIV-positive woman, she is using her music to tell women like herself that they don’t need to suffer in silence....

Theft, bribery and extortion deprive millions of proper healthcare

by Transparency International February 1, 2006

(London, February 1, 2006) Corruption in the health sector deprives those most in need of essential medical care and helps spawn drug-resistant strains of deadly diseases, says Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report 2006, published today. For the millions of poor held hostage by ...

High bird flu risk in Africa after outbreak in Nigeria

by FAO February 10, 2005

(Rome, February 10, 2006) The outbreak of the deadly Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza virus (H5N1) in Nigeria confirms the fears expressed by FAO for quite some time that African countries are facing a high risk of becoming infected by the virus, FAO said today. “The outbreak in Kaduna state ...

Botswana: Routine HIV testing not as straightforward as it sounds

by IRIN February 1, 2005

(Gaborone, February 1, 2006) Botswana's decision to introduce routine HIV testing in all its health facilities was driven by the growing realization that plans to provide anti-AIDS medication were likely to fail unless more people were tested. But activists have expressed concern that the policy ...