Meet the man using your leftovers to change Washington, DC for the better

Mike Curtin calls himself Washington, D.C.’s food fighter. It’s a title he earns every day by feeding the city’s needy through his organization, DC Central Kitchen, a nonprofit located just a few blocks north of the U.S. Capitol. Curtin’s staff takes leftovers found at local restaurants, wholesalers, and farms and converts those items into more than 5,000 meals a day.

Tackling hunger requires addressing the challenge in fragile states

Political instability and climate change continue to threaten global efforts to end hunger and poverty. By 2030, two-thirds of the world’s poor will be living in fragile states, according to the Bread for the World Institute’s “2017 Hunger Report: Fragile Environments, Resilient Communities,” which was released Monday.

Hurricane Matthew makes old problems worse for Haitians

The first reports to arrive were of vast flooding and destruction, rivers of brown water pulsing through streets and homes shorn of tin roofs. Eventually, the talk turned to livestock lost, a veritable fortune for those living in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

The storm left a broad tableau of devastation: houses pummeled into timber, crops destroyed and stretches of towns and villages under several feet of water. In the southern city of Jérémie, 80 percent of the buildings were destroyed.

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In South Sudan, mothers are so hungry many can no longer breast-feed

Weeks after the outbreak of deadly fighting in South Sudan, aid groups say their movement is being restricted by continued violence and government checkpoints, harming their ability to get food and medicine to severely malnourished children.  “We already have an extremely serious food-insecurity crisis,” said U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien in an interview. “And there are many circumstances where, appallingly, this only gets worse.”…O’Brien said that during a trip to South Sudan this week, he met with mothers unable to breast-feed their babies because they themselves were not getting enough food.