Hunger and Obesity on the Rise in Latin America and the Caribbean for Third Year in a Row

by Caribbean 360 Caribbean 360 November 12, 2018

“For the third consecutive year there is bad news” for Latin America and the Caribbean, where the numbers of hungry people have increased to 39.3 million people or 6.1 per cent of the population, says Julio Berdegué, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) regional representative....

The Hungry Caravan

by Helena Silva-Nichols Foreign Policy November 12, 2018

Violence isn’t the only reason migrants are fleeing Central America. A four-year drought has destroyed harvests and lives—and has pushed the hungry northward. Over the last two years, farmers there have lost as much as 70 to 80 percent of their harvests of staple crops, primarily corn and beans....

Tackling food waste: Local organization opens community fridges in the GTA

by Haweya Fadal CBC October 7, 2018

A community fridge is a straightforward concept. Restaurants and households donate untouched food that would typically go to waste, and anybody in need of a meal can take what they want. ...

Barakah Box food bank helps Hamilton refugees access halal food

by Hassam Munir Hamilton Spectator September 9, 2018

Islamic Relief Canada has partnered with Mishka Social Services to support its food bank in Hamilton, Ontario, known as Barakah Box. More than 400 families in Hamilton use this food bank on a monthly basis to access food that is both halal (i.e., procured with Islamic dietary restrictions in mind) a...

Drought in Central America straining food supply of more than 2 million people

by AFP The Tico Times August 28, 2018

A drought affecting several countries in Central America has caused significant losses in crops, affecting more than two million people, warned the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)....

Agriculture Minister Says Plant Health Fundamental to Food Security

by Tashion Hewitt Stennett Jamaica Information Service July 20, 2018

Jamaica's Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Audley Shaw, says that plant health is a fundamental pillar to achieving the region’s food security and economic growth. He recently called on regional Plant Health Directors to identify new strategies aimed at safeguarding ...

Photo: Paola Sarabia, in brown coat, offers warm stew to people lined up in front of Argentina’s congressional building. Sarabia hopes lawmakers will see how many Argentines rely on food banks. [Lucila Pellettieri/GPJ Argentina]

Food insecurity rising in Argentina, sparking protest and food-emergency bill

by Lucila Pellettieri Global Press Journal June 24, 2018

Food insecurity isn’t anything new in Argentina. The country declared a food emergency in 2002, and it’s been continually extended since then. But people aren’t hungry because there’s not enough food. The problem is that the country poorly manages the food it has. On average, the nation lose...

Photo: Roughly one million Canadian children live in poverty, and therefore, are at risk of not being able to access food. But that number doubles when it comes to the Indigenous population.  [Ghyslain Lavoie/Breakfast Club of Canada]

One in two Indigenous children in danger of going to school hungry

by Melanie Green The Star Vancouver June 24, 2018

One in two Indigenous children — roughly double the average of other Canadian kids — may be at risk of going to school with an empty stomach, according to the Breakfast Club of Canada, a national charity....

Photo: A new local food hub has been proposed for a portion of the Edmonton Exhibition Lands. [Hilary Duff/CBC]

Food hub could make locally sourced food more accessible to Edmontonians

by Anna McMillan CBC News June 17, 2018

A new proposal for a food hub in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada could make it easier for farmers to get their product to market — and for shoppers to get access to local food. A city report, to be reviewed by the executive committee on Monday, says the food hub would be a "multi-purpose facility … th...

Agri economist concerned over food security problems

by Shane Superville Trinidad and Tobago Newsday May 9, 2018

Trinidad & Tobago agricultural economist, Omardath Maharaj, issued a release in which he urged public and private sector stakeholders to organise basic agricultural commodity production, marketing, and processing in order to revive the country’s agricultural sector....