World hunger photos: the stories and images of poor people’s lives

Thirty million children, far from home. Here are three of them.

by Jake Silverstein New York Times November 5, 2015

Photo: Marianela Jarroud/IPS

Terrace farming–an ancient indigenous model for food security

by Marianela Jarroud Inter Press Service October 21, 2015

Photo: Daniel Elkan/IRIN

Humans of Syria: Objects of pity or attractive prospective employees?

by Daniel Elkan IRIN News September 28, 2014

Photo: Mohammad Ibrahim/IRIN

Cattle rustlers profit from Boko Haram bonanza

by Mohammad Ibrahim IRIN News September 28, 2015

Photo: IRIN News

Bangladeshi ‘char dwellers’ in search of higher ground

by Naimul Haq IRIN News October 27, 2014

Photo: Linda Davidson/Washignton Post

Refuge: Stories from the Syrian crisis

by Kevin Sullivan Washington Post December 14, 2013

Photo: Liny Mutsaers/IPS.

I sold my sister for $300

by Annabell Van den Berghe Inter Press Service November 6, 2013

Photo: Washington Post

In Mexico, rails are risky crossing for a new wave of Central American migrants

by Nick Miroff Washington Post July 15, 2013

In rural Honduras, the northward pull is strong

by Nick Miroff Washington Post August 5, 2013

What is middle class in Ivory Coast?

by Tasmin Ford BBC News June 25, 2013

Photo: Albert Oppong-Ansah/IPS

Dreams of education fly away for Ghana’s working kids

by Albert Oppong-Ansah Inter Press Service May 30, 2013

Credit: Miguel Ángel Souza/IPS

Bolivia’s Ayoreo indians, devoured by the city

by Anna Infantas IPS December 18, 2012

Our lives: A survivors guide to hard times

by IRIN News December 2012

Photo: Noor Ali/IRIN

Kenya: Nancy, “They did very bad things to me”

by IRIN News October 11, 2011

In Bolivia, miners pick away at Rich Mountain, but it takes back its own toll

by Juan Forero Washington Post September 27, 2012

In pictures: Sierra Leone’s cholera outbreak

by BBC News September 28, 2012

Photo: Kevin Frayer/Associated Press

How corruption affects the poor children of India

by Sonia Faleiero New York Times September 15, 2012

Photo: Sonia Faleiro for The New York Times

Survival without adult supervision: stark reality in rural Bihar

by Sonia Faleiero New York Times August 25, 2012


Activists in India attempt to rescue children from being sold into slavery

by Gethin Chamberlain The Guardian (UK) August 4, 2012

Photo: Sudarsan Raghayan/Washington Post

Will hunger crisis fuel child marriages?

by Sudarsan Raghayan Washington Post July 10, 2012

Amidst drought and famine, Niger leads West Africa in addressing crisis (video)

by Fred de Sam Lazaro PBS Newshour July 12, 2012

Photo: IRIN

Pakistan: Debt bondage or education?

by IRIN News May 23, 2012

Afghanistan: Debt bondage ensnares entire families

by IRIN News May 16, 2012

Running out of water in northern Kenya: Amenia Abdalla waits in line six hours for 25 gallons of water which is expected to last 10 days for her family of eight

by IRIN News August 24, 2011

Photo: Jaspreet Kindra/IRIN

Kenya: When a cow is part of the family

by IRIN News July 28, 2011

Photo: Jaspreet Kindra/IRIN

Ethiopia: Families in Bisle living on 1.1 lbs of boiled wheat a day

by IRIN News July 12, 2011


Somalia: Halima Omar, “I watched four of my children die of hunger”

by IRIN News July 4, 2011

Pakistan: Selling children to pay off a debt

by IRIN News June 6, 2011

Gaining rights for women workers in Cambodia (video)

by UNIFEM October 9, 2010

Microenterprise for women in India (4 minute video)

by Trickle Up October 9, 2010

Photo: IRIN

Somalia: Halima Omar, “I watched four of my children die of hunger”

by IRIN October 8, 2010

Photo: Pieter Hugo/New York Times

A global graveyard for dead computers in Ghana (Photo slideshow)

by New York Times August 15, 2010

Photo: Lynsey Addario/ New York Times

India asks: Should poor people have a right to food?

by Jim Yardley New York Times August 8, 2010

Photo: Jane Some/IRIN

A recipe for extreme hunger: How a Kenyan woman feeds her family of ten when she has 40 shillings (50 cents)

by IRIN News May 14, 2010

Photo: Kamila Hyat/IRIN

Pakistan: A family of 9, living on $1.20 a day

by IRIN News May 7, 2010

Photo: Lynsey Addario/New York Times

Bleak portrait of Haiti orphanages raises fears for the children

by Ginger ThompsonNew York Times February 6, 2010

Photo: A. Mirza/ILO

South Africa: A day in the life of a sex worker

by IRIN NewsJanuary 22, 2010
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