Take a step to help hungry children

by Lane Vanderslice

Did you know?
–6.3 percent of children in developing countries die before their fifth birthday—7.6 million children in 2010
–Malnutrition/hunger is an important factor in at least one-third of these deaths—2.2 million children. Typically children, weakened by hunger, succumb to a disease such as pneumonia or measles.

We ask you to do one simple thing. Please view a three-minute video on child hunger in India, where the problem is particularly severe. The video can be seen at https://worldhunger.org/contributefood_hunger_india.htm . I promise you that you will see hunger in the faces of these children and hear a clear explanation of their situation.

In return, during February, the World Hunger Education Service, the publisher of Hunger Notes, will contribute $.25 each time this video is viewed to two organizations who are helping to reduce child hunger: Save the Children and the Fabretto Children’s Foundation. We hope that 10,000 people will view this video and we will contribute $2,500 to these organizations. If you agree that after viewing this video you understand more about children who are hungry, please ask your friends to to view it too.

Thank you!

Lane Vanderslice is the editor of Hunger Notes