Steve Hansch


Steve Hansch has worked for nonprofits in a variety of capacities for most of his adult life, beginning with fundraising in college and volunteer stints at Cultural Survival and Oxfam. He worked for the International Rescue Committee in Sudan and Ethiopia , for CARE in Rwanda, for Food Aid Management delivering food aid trainings around the world, and for the Refugee Policy Group doing evaluations of aid operations in dozens of crises.

As a field nutritionist working in the Ethiopia famine in 1985, he visited numerous refugee camps and managed nutrition surveys and food supply delivery. As Program Director of Food Aid Management in the early 1990s, he became very involved in helping NGOs and PVOs to share information about their field programs, evaluations and standards. Steve worked for former WHES chair Tom Zopf at FAM as well as under the FAM board Chair Dan Shaughnessy, who until recently was WHES board chair also. He represents DARA which specializes in evaluating donor performance in major humanitarian emergencies each year.

In the last twenty years, Mr. Hansch has specialized in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of aid programs, particularly humanitarian mitigation, relief and recovery. In this, Mr. Hansch works with IBTCI where he has promoted inter-agency-collaboration and sharing about the new vision of resilience as an aid of foreign assistance.

In addition to serving on the board of World Hunger Education Service, he is a trustee of Relief International, and of Partners for Development (PfD).

He worked at the Microfinance Management Institute promoting south-south exchange on microfinance and teaches courses about project design, microfinance, food, nutrition, public health and humanitarian aid at American University, George Washington and Johns Hopkins. He is currently on the advisory board of the Leland Hunger Fellows program of the Congressional Hunger Center and of the Batonga Foundation.

Mr. Hansch is Associate Editor of Hunger Notes, writing reviews and feature articles.

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