Opportunity’s knocks: Tereza Sedgwick is seeing the economy from the bottom up, where the fastest-growing job in America, nursing aide, is also one of the hardest

by Eli Saslow

Tereza Sedgwick in the kitchen of her Bartlett, Ohio, home. Living in a borrowed house with no water, she uses tap water from jugs for brushing teeth and other chores.  Photo: Sarah L Vosin/Washington Post

MARIETTA, Ohio — She had made it as far as the career school’s parking lot for the December training class and the February class, only to drive away each time in a tangle of anxiety and self-doubt. Now it was March, and here Tereza Sedgwick came again: dressed in the mandatory class uniform of red-and-black scrubs, a lit cigarette dangling in her fingers out the busted window of her ’88 Plymouth. She parked in the lot and watched a procession of unemployed workers enter the school building in southeastern Ohio, trying to will herself to join them.