The Handouts That Feed Poverty

by William Easterly April 30, 2006

(April 30, 2006) Foreign aid today perpetrates a cruel hoax on those who wish the world's poor well. There is all the appearance of energetic action — a doubling of foreign aid to Africa promised at the G-8 summit last July, grand United Nations and World Bank plans to cut world poverty in half by 2015 and visionary statements about prosperity and democracy by George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Bono ...

Haiti, A Coup Regime, Human Rights Abuses and the Hidden Hand of Washington

by Ben Terrall February 12, 2006

In a June 2005 Jamaica Observer column about the significance of the Haitian revolution, John Maxwell wrote, “the slaves of Saint Dominique, the world’s richest colony, rose up, abolished slavery and chased the slavemasters away.” Maxwell, one of the more astute journalists covering US foreign policy, added, “Unfortunately for them, they did not chase all of the slavemasters away, a ...

Bono’s Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast

by Bono February 2, 2006

{Remarks — as prepared for delivery and courtesy of DATA — by Bono to the National Prayer Breakfast; Feb. 2, 2006). BONO: Thank you. Mr. President, First Lady, King Abdullah, Other heads of State, Members of Congress, distinguished guests … Please join me in praying that I don't say something we'll all regret. That was for the FCC. If you're wondering what I'm doing here, at a prayer br ...

Chad: Oil and Development.

by Washington Post December 17, 2005

FIVE YEARS AGO, the World Bank lent money and credibility to a risky experiment. Despite the depressing record of oil projects in poor countries -- they tend to fuel corruption rather than boost development -- the bank provided $190 million to kick-start the oil industry in one of the world's most impoverished dictatorships, the landlocked African state of Chad. As a condition of its lending, the ...

Wanted: A Famine Fund

by Washington Post August 11, 2005

HUMANITARIAN crises are seldom just humanitarian: Almost always, the malnutrition and the misery have political causes. The brutal wars in Sudan and Congo account for those countries' appalling civilian death tolls. Political repression explains the hunger in North Korea and Zimbabwe. Even the HIV pandemic reflects the failure of politicians to challenge gender inequality and sexual taboos. ...

Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane Addresses Hunger No More: An Interfaith Convocation, Washington National Cathedral

June 6, 2005

(Washington, June 6, 2005) It is a great joy to be with you, on the eve of National Hunger Awareness Day. Thank you for your invitation. It is a privilege to be here among so many leaders from the different faith communities. In the Book of the Revelation to John, at the end of the Christian Scriptures, there is a picture of heaven, in which there is a great multitude, too numerous to count. Th ...

How Many Children are Hungry in the United States? A Reader Asks

by Hunger Notes December 29, 2004

Dear Hunger Notes: Your web site states that 13 million American children are hungry. With all the social programs, including WIC, why are there still so many hungry children? Where are they living? Are many of them children of illegal immigrants who do not meet requirements for govt. help? Are they children of drug addicted parents who do not take responsibility for them? Doesn't Family ...

From Partition to Re-Unification: The 120th Anniversary of the Partition of Africa by European Powers

by Rotimi Sankore December 19, 2004

The 120th anniversary of Africa's partition passed largely unmarked in November 2004. While some no doubt would wonder what the significance of this is today those that are aware of the partition and its implications will be able to see its negative implication for Africa's development and parallels with cold war era balkanization of the world into east versus west spheres of influence. Some would ...

United States Children Left Behind

by Washington Post November 19, 2004

DEFICIT SPENDING didn't bother the Bush administration when the issue was tax cuts. Congress had no trouble finding "savings" to supposedly offset new costs when the costs were in a corporate tax bill stuffed with special-interest provisions. But when it comes to health care for poor children, different, stricter rules seem to apply. This week's lame-duck Congress is poised to leave town without t ...

We Need Cultural Liberty in Today’s Diverse World

by United Nations Development Program July 16, 2004

How will the new constitution of Iraq satisfy demands for fair representation for Shiites and Kurds? Which— and how many— of the languages spoken in Afghanistan should the new constitution recognize as the official language of the state? How will the Nigerian federal court deal with a Sharia law ruling to punish adultery by death? Will the French legislature approve the proposal to ban headsca ...

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