Bush’s out-of-tune AIDS plan

by Michael Swigert and Sena Tsikata February 20, 2008

(February 20, 2008) President George W. Bush is already grabbing headlines with his latest self-congratulatory album, PEPFAR: True Leadership, and his accompanying farewell promotional tour across Africa. Between February 15 and 21, he travels to the countries of Benin, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, and Liberia to promote this musical swan song – a concept piece that highlights his supposedly groundb ...

The militarization of the world’s urban peripheries

by Raúl Zibechi Center for International Policy February 9, 2008

Urban peripheries in Third World countries have become war zones where states attempt to maintain order based on the establishment of a sort of "sanitary cordon" to keep the poor isolated from "normal" society. (February 9, 2007) "Army sources confirmed that techniques employed in the occupation of the Morro da Providéncia favela [slum] are the ones Brazilian soldiers use in the United Nations ...

What’s your consumption factor?

by Jared Diamond New York Times January 2, 2008

TO mathematicians, 32 is an interesting number: it’s 2 raised to the fifth power, 2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2. To economists, 32 is even more special, because it measures the difference in lifestyles between the first world and the developing world. ...

Remembering Martin McLaughlin

by Lane Vanderslice December 2, 2007

By Lane Vanderslice (December 2, 2007) It was with great sadness that we at the World Hunger Education Service learned of the death of Martin McLaughlin this week. For us, he was a long time colleague, friend, supporter of WHES, and, perhaps most of all, someone who embodied a great ideal of using the power of faith, analysis, and determination to fight for a world where poor and hungry people ...

Obituary: Martin McLaughlin, 89; advocate for poor and hungry

by Joe Holley Washington Post November 29, 2007

Martin McLaughlin, 89, an expert on food policy and an advocate for the world's poor and hungry, died Nov. 27 of congestive heart failure at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington. He lived in Arlington. ...

Sorry, your job’s been outsourced! — a look at globalization and its effects in Wisconsin

by Roger Bybee November 27, 2007

(November 27, 2007) Thousands of manufacturing jobs have moved to countries that skimp on wages and regulations. Now the service sector is also at risk. Greg Diederich, who worked at Rayovac's Madison packing and distribution center for 17 years, vividly recalls a party hosted there in 2002. Workers were served cake and ice cream, and given flashlights to thank them for improving productivity ...

A terrible shortage of food for the poor grips the country. Where is the political will to do the right thing for the hungry?

by Anna Quindlen Newsweek November 26, 2007

One of the most majestic dining rooms in New York City is in the Church of the Holy Apostles. After the landmark building was nearly destroyed by fire in 1990, the Episcopal parish made the decision not to replace the pews so that the nave could become a place of various uses. ...

Ending hunger isn’t what it used to be–neither is fear

by Chuck Woolery October 23, 2007

(October 23, 2007) The issue of hunger means many things to many people. Most Americans think about starving babies and many even donate to help feed the hungry. This year's "World Food Day" passed with barely a media mention, yet the world wide deaths attributed to malnutrition remain unimaginable, contributing to millions of child deaths a year and the permanent mental and physical disability ...

Africa’s sudden splash of good news

by John Prendergast Washington Post September 23, 2007

As someone who has worked in Africa's worst war zones for the past quarter-century, I usually write about atrocities, tyranny and famine. That's what Americans are used to in articles with Africa datelines: grim tales of a hopeless and devastated continent. ...

Burma–growing darker daily

by Kyi May Kaung Foreign Policy in Focus September 11, 2007

(September 11, 2007) On August 15th the Burmese government raised the price of fuel 500%. This sparked a series of peaceful demonstrations all over the country, beginning with demonstrations in Rangoon, now called Yangon, the former capital of the country. They have since spread to Pakokku and Mandalay in Northern Burma. In Pakokku, Budhhist monks took some army officers hostage for a few hours, ...

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