Latin America has most unequal land distribution, Colombia fares worst, Oxfam study says

by Anastasia Moloney

Valle del Cocora, Salento, Quindío Colombia. Photo: Johana Arias
Valle del Cocora, Salento, Quindío Colombia. See the full Oxfam report Unearthed: Land, power, and inequality in Latin America. Photo: Johana Arias  

BOGOTA – Land distribution in Latin America is the most unequal in the world where only one percent of the farms and estates control more than half of the region’s productive land, aid group Oxfam said on Wednesday. Colombia, where two thirds of agricultural land is concentrated in just 0.4 percent of farmland holdings, fares the worst, Oxfam said in a report analysing land censuses and policy in 15 countries over the last 50 years.