Stories and images of hunger and poverty in the United States


For D.C.’s desperate, a refuge from homelessness is about to disappear

by Petula Dvorak Washington Post October 23, 2015

Picking peas should bring a better life

by Rosa Martinez as told to David Bacon New American Media June 3, 2015s

For Hardee’s workers, it’s not a parable, it’s a job

by Anne Hull Washington Post March 14, 2015

This powerful Reddit thread reveals how the poor get by in America

by Max Ehrenfreund Washington Post January 15, 2015

Poverty endures in a Texas colonia

by Nicole Bengiveno New York Times June 29

Fifty years into the War on Poverty, hardship hits back

by Trip Gabriel New York Times April 20, 2014

Invisible child: Dasani’s homeless life

by Andrea Elliot New York Times December 9, 2013

Caught in unemployment’s revolving door

by Annie Lowrey New York Times November 16, 2013

On the edge of poverty, at the center of a debate on food stamps

by Sheryl Gay Stolberg New York Times September 4, 2013

Photo: Michael S. Williamson/Washington Post

Food stamps put Rhode Island town on monthly boom-and-bust cycle

by Eli Saslow Washington Post March 16, 2013

Photo: Linda Davidson/Washington Post

In Rust Belt, a teenager’s climb from poverty

by Anne Hull Washington Post December 8, 2012

In suburbia, a dizzying fall from middle-class grace

by Petula Dvorak Washington Post September 25, 2012

Detroit food bank 2010 (photo essay)

by Anthony Suau Facing Change July 2011

Photo: David Bacon.

South of Silicon Valley, hunger haunts California town

by David Bacon New American Media June 20, 2010

Photo: David Bacon

Border communities are ground zero for hunger

by David Bacon New American Media April 18, 2011

Photo: David Bacon


Photo: Andrea Morales/New York Times

Ohio town sees public job as only route to middle class

by Sabrina Tavernise New York Times March 15, 2011

Photo: Annie Tritt/New York Times

Itinerant life weighs on farm workers’ children

by Patricia Leigh BrownNew York Times March 12, 2011

Photo: Andrew Spear/New York Times

“Teacher, my dad lost his job. Do we have to move?”

by Michael Winerip New York Times January 30, 2011

Photo: Washington Post

For migrant worker children, frequent school changes damage learning

by Kevin Sieff Washington Post November 7, 2010

Photo: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times


Photo: David Pierini/ ChicagoTribune

Homeless students: increasingly, families taking shelter anywhere they can

by Bonnie Miller Rubin Chicago Tribune October 28, 2009

Photo: Monica Almeida/The New York Times

Recession drives surge in youth runaways

by Ian Urbina New York Times October 5, 2009

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Photo: BBC

Poverty hits African Americans hard

by BBC News April 23, 2009

Atlantic City homeless shelter video

by BBC News April 22, 2009

Atlantic City homeless shelter video

by BBC News April 14, 2009