Hunger Notes 40th Anniversary Reader

Hunger Notes began in 1975 as a newsletter to Episcopal hunger activists and transitioned to a broader audience in 1976, when the World Hunger Education Service was founded. Here are some of the best articles from Hunger Notes over this period..

1979 Sustaining commitment Notes from 11 hunger activists including Jim Levinson and Louise Cochran and Senator Paul Simon on how they sustained their commitment to reducing hunger. Edited by Linda Worthington.

2002 Armed Conflict and Hunger Ellen Messer, Marc J. Cohen, Jashinta D’Costa

2002 The Hunger DilemmaJohn Osgood Field Why more is not being done to reduce hunger.

2002 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics First published in 2002 and updated every year since, it now is our most-read page.

2008 The world food crisis: what is behind it and what we can do Eric Holt-Giménez

2009 Special Report: The Right to Food Is a Basic Human Right