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In the poorest county, in America’s poorest state, a virus hits home: ‘Hunger is rampant’

by Oliver Laughland The Guardian April 6, 2020

In county where every child qualifies for free school meals, a superintendent embarks on a project – driving 6,000 meals a day...

Food goes to waste amid coronavirus crisis

by ADAM BEHSUDI and RYAN MCCRIMMON Politico April 5, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is leading the food industry and regulators to change policies as they grapple with empty shelves, a glut of fresh produce and milk, and sudden shifts in consumer buying habits....

Nonprofit organization promotes food security through egg production

by Kevin Tano The Guam Daily Post April 5, 2020

During times of economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a nonprofit organization is promoting food security with egg-laying chicks that the community can raise in their backyards....

Bullock announces actions to bolster food security for Montana families during COVID-19 pandemic

by MTN News 7 KBZK Bozeman April 5, 2020

Montana Governor Bullock announced plans to expand food assistance for more than 100,000 additional people....

California’s farm workers pick America’s essential produce – unprotected from coronavirus

by Susie Cagle The Guardian March 31, 2020

California’s roughly 400,000 agricultural workers are deemed essential, but often without proper safety measures or guaranteed benefits...

Coronavirus has more Americans turning directly to farms for food

by Liz Crampton Politico March 31, 2020

The spike in traffic for businesses that have been delivering to customers for years has prompted others to consider adapting their business models....

‘Without Empathy, Nothing Works.’ Chef José Andrés Wants to Feed the World Through the Pandemic

by Sean Gregory Time March 30, 2020

Chef and humanitarian José Andrés continues to feed people through his World Central Kitchen charity...

DC Greens is Helping Residents Eat Better Through Social Justice

by Katie Howell Food Tank March 27, 2020

In Washington, DC, a local organization called DC Greens is helping residents purchase fresh, healthy produce....

USDA fights to purge food stamps recipients despite pandemic

by Ashraf Khalil Associated Press March 23, 2020

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is appealing a court ruling that temporarily stops a set of changes that would have taken effect on April 1. Currently able-bodied adults without dependents must show they've worked at least 80 hours per month for more than three months in a 36-month period to stay...

José Andrés: We Have a Food Crisis Unfolding Out of Sight

by José Andrés The New York Times March 23, 2020

Chef and World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés writes that the US should mobilize restaurant workers to help ensure everyone is fed during the coronavirus crisis....

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