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City Compost Programs Boost Food Security and Social Justice

by The Conversation EcoWatch June 14, 2020

Municipal composting programs help reduce food waste, boost soil health, and support food security....

Source: Pexels.com

SF soda tax funds find new purpose: fighting hunger during COVID-19 pandemic

by Justin Phillips San Francisco Chronicle June 13, 2020

To provide emergency relief to people struggling to afford food during the pandemic, San Francisco is using $1.65 million from its soda tax to bolster local programs feeding vulnerable communities in the city....

US food prices see historic jump and are likely to stay high

by David Pitt Associated Press May 30, 2020

Overall, the cost of food bought to eat at home skyrocketed by the most in 46 years, and analysts caution that meat prices in particular could remain high as slaughterhouses struggle to maintain production levels while implementing procedures intended to keep workers healthy....

UMD Community Garden Becomes Necessity During Pandemic

by Tracee Wilkins NBC 4 Washington May 12, 2020

The University of Maryland’s community garden was a teaching tool that has now become a necessity for people in need amid the coronavirus pandemic. The fresh vegetables and herbs grown there are distributed at the school’s free food pantr...

The COVID-19 crisis has already left too many children hungry in America

by Lauren Bauer Brookings Institution May 6, 2020

The Brookings Institution found an increase in child hunger during the coronavirus pandemic...

New York State Farmers donate 34,000+ pounds of milk, beef and produce to NYC families in need

by Ala Errebhi WKBW May 5, 2020

The Northeast Dairy Producers Association announced that farms and co-ops across Upstate New York have donated more than 34,000 pounds of milk, beef, fruit and vegetables to fellow New Yorkers in need....

Pandemic EBT Will Allow More Than 319,000 Maryland SNAP Households to Put Food on the Table

by Jordan Baker Maryland Hunger Solutions April 29, 2020

Maryland families who are impacted by the loss of free or reduced-price school meals during the mandated school closure are getting additional funds for food purchases...

600 Meals, 4 Hours: Inside One School Kitchen Keeping D.C. Families Fed

by Debbie Truong WAMU April 28, 2020

In Washington DC, schools continue to provide meals for students during coronavirus pandemic closures...

Farmers and food banks grapple with broken food supply chain

by Stephanie Ebbs ABC News April 17, 2020

Both groups want the USDA to help get food from farmers to people in need....

No, You Don’t Need To Disinfect Your Groceries. But Here’s How To Shop Safely

by Maria Godoy NPR April 13, 2020

Many people worry about the possibility of picking up the coronavirus from things like grocery store conveyor belts or cereal boxes. But every expert NPR spoke with agrees that the biggest risk when it comes to groceries is being inside the store itself with other...

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