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Food Banks Get The Love, But SNAP Does More To Fight Hunger

by Dan Charles NPR November 28, 2020

Last year, 35 million people received $55 billion in SNAP benefits, down from a peak of 47 million people and $76 billion in 2013. The program, which falls under the aegis of the USDA, delivers roughly nine times more food to people than the entire Feeding America network, which includes food banks....

This man is on a mission to get his neighborhood healthy food options through urban farming

by Good Morning America Good Morning America November 25, 2020

Tony Hillery is on a mission to teach children in his Harlem community how to adopt healthier food habits....

A Growing Number of Americans Are Going Hungry

by Todd C. Frankel, Brittney Martin, Andrew Van Dam, and Alyssa Flowers The Washington Post November 25, 2020

26 million Americans now say they don't have enough to eat...

Judge blocks Trump plan to cut food stamps for 700,000 adults

by Aimee Picchi November 24, 2020

A judge on Sunday struck down the Trump administration's efforts to make it more difficult for some adults to receive food stamps. In a 67-page opinion, Chief U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell of D.C. condemned the administration for failing to consider how the rule would impact an estimated hundr...

Hunger Crisis: 1 in 5 Americans Turning to Food Banks

by Tobie Stanger Consumer Reports November 14, 2020

A new Consumer Reports survey reveals a growing food-insecurity problem, with people of color disproportionately affected...

Veterans Day Lessons for Current Livelihood Crisis

by November 11, 2020

Veteran’s Day commemorates the many millions of American soldiers who returned home from wars with uncertainty about their futures and livelihoods.  Veterans have faced an extended transition period as unemployed workers seeking to enter an often transforming economy.  A prime example was at the...

Virginia Governor Allocates Funding For Food Banks To Address Food Needs

by Emily Leayman Patch November 9, 2020

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced $7 million in federal CARES Act funding will go toward food banks as the concern of food insecurity grows during the pandemic....

D.C. Food Banks and Nonprofits Face Dueling Crises During the Holidays

by Sarah Cooke Washington City Paper November 7, 2020

Food banks and pantries prepare for unprecedented levels of need as the pandemic exacerbates food insecurity....

Do something. Do something!

by Eli Sasow The Washington Post October 24, 2020

Mary Jo Copeland runs a food kitchen and charity in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is her story....

‘Fulfilling a purpose:’ DC man starts 24/7 pop-up food pantry in Brookland neighborhood

by Elliot Henney WJLA October 24, 2020

In Washington DC, Tri Trinh set up a 24/7 food pantry to help neighbors in need...

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