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Nutrition Security: The Next Battleground in the War on Hunger

by Lela Nargi The Counter May 10, 2021

With Americans increasingly unhealthy because of the highly processed foods they eat, there’s more talk about the need for quality over quantity of food....

For the newly food insecure, help that preserves dignity

by Ibrahim Onofeko The Christian Science Monitor May 2, 2021

As job losses skyrocketed, the number of Americans facing food insecurity reached 265 million in 2020, according to a Northwestern University estimate....

Tips to Reduce Food Waste

by U.S. Food & Drug Administration U.S. Food & Drug Administration April 28, 2021

For #StopFoodWasteDay here are some tips to stop food waste at home...

New Task Force Aims to End Food Insecurity in Arlington, Virginia

by Arlington County Virginia Arlington County Virginia April 25, 2021

Arlington County has launched a Food Security Task Force to develop strategies and recommendations to achieve a more food secure Arlington, Virginia....

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Movements Are Taking Back Ancestral Land

by Melissa Montalvo Civil Eats April 22, 2021

In the United States, indigenous people are reclaiming land for food sovereignty...

Wyoming Hunger Initiative launches new program: GROW A LITTLE EXTRA

by Aaron Brown Wyoming News Now April 17, 2021

First Lady Jennie Gordon’s Wyoming Hunger Initiative is proud to partner with University of Wyoming Extension to launch a new program under the Food from the Farm + Ranch banner called Grow a Little Extra. Instead of reinventing the wheel, this collaboration utilizes existing resources to create a...

Food insecurity among University of Arizona students doubled during the pandemic

by Ella McCarville The Daily Wildcat April 16, 2021

Percentages of food insecurity among University of Arizona students have doubled since the beginning of the pandemic, according to UA research conducted in fall 2020....

This company is solving America’s food issues one backyard at a time

by Richie Hertzberg The Hill February 3, 2021

Love & Carrots lowers our carbon footprint by making sustainable food sources very, very local...

Student-Run Free Grocery Store Helps Feed Town’s Hungry

by Luis Andres Henao Associated Press January 26, 2021

Traditional school stores might offer snacks and knickknacks, school gear and notebooks -- but the one at Linda Tutt High School in Sanger, Texas, has a very different inventory and clientele....

Food Insecurity on U.S. College Campuses

by Yuuki Nakayachi December 2, 2020

College Food Insecurity:  A Lack of Data College students have attracted attention as a group that may be at high risk for food insecurity, defined as lack of “access to enough food for an active healthy life” (US Department of Agriculture, 2017). There are three major limitat...

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