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Minnesota food shelves add ingredients to adapt to diverse clientele

by Maya Rao Star Tribune March 27, 2019

From injera to corn husks to venison, Minnesota food shelves are responding to diverse palates and preferences....

Why Are So Many Farmers Markets Failing? Because The Market Is Saturated

by Jodi Helmer NPR March 18, 2019

Nationwide, the number of farmers markets increased from 2,000 in 1994 to more than 8,600 in 2019, which led to a major problem: There are too few farmers to populate the market stalls and too few customers filling their canvas bags with fresh produce at each market. Reports of farmers markets clos...

In Austin, Food And Tech Industries Connect To Address Food Insecurity

by Danielle Nierenberg Forbes March 12, 2019

The City of Austin has been working hard to address food security in the [East Austin] area, aided by the leadership and advocacy of Mayor Pro Tem Delia Garza and Edwin Marty, the city’s food policy manager....

Growth of food deserts hits home for some Savannah communities

by Brittini Ray Savannah Now March 11, 2019

Savannah, Georgia is just one of thousands across the country battling the rapid growth of food deserts as retailers close their doors, leaving residents without viable access to fresh foods and leaving community leaders searching for answers....

Farms aren’t tossing perfectly good produce. You are.

by Sarah Taber Washington Post March 8, 2019

Dr. Sarah Taber writes that "Eating ugly food won't save the world."...

In Dealing With Campus Hunger, One Solution Is to Tell Students Where They Can Get Help

by Zipporah Osei The Chronicle of Higher Education March 4, 2019

A recent report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that in the face of a growing campus hunger problem, many colleges are taking matters into their own hands by starting campus programs like food banks and meal-sharing services....

Hannibal Victory Over Hunger Garden looking for volunteers

by Frank Healy WGEM March 4, 2019

In Missouri, Victory Over Hunger Garden organizers said their garden helps put around 1,000 pounds of fresh produce on the tables of hundreds of families in Hannibal. They said without help from the community, the future of the garden is up in the air....

Casa Maria Soup Kitchen continues their decades-long fight against hunger and homelessness

by Ivan Rodriguez KGUN9 March 4, 2019

For Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, the fight against hunger and homelessness has been going on for decades. Brian Flagg has been working for Casa Maria since 1983 and says he has dedicated himself to a life of service....

Teen creates organization focused on ending childhood hunger in Kentucky

by WLKY WLKY March 4, 2019

Kentucky teenager Heaven Redmon is the creator of Heaven's Angel Food. She collects food items and delivers them to local food banks. Heaven's Angel Food has already collected and distributed more than 24,000 food items. The goal is to collect 125,000 food items by the end of the year....

Schools, groups help send students home with food

by Stitch WBAL11 February 27, 2019

The group Maryland Hunger Solutions estimates 17 percent of Maryland households with children are food insecure. In Baltimore, school children are provided with backpacks of food for the weekend when they're not in school....

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