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Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) work requirements don’t bring stable jobs, higher earnings

by LaDonna Pavetti Center on Budget and Policy Priorities November 18, 2015

House Speaker Paul Ryan has called for another round of welfare reform, “as an exercise to save lives and to get people from welfare to work and realize opportunity and upward mobility.” But the first round of welfare reform didn’t accomplish what Speaker Ryan says it did, according to a new ...

Prestigious medical journals rejected stunning study on deaths among middle-aged whites

by Lenny Bernstein and Joel Achenbach Washington Post November 2, 2015

A startling new study that shows a big spike in the death rate for a large group of middle-aged whites in the United States was rejected by two prestigious medical journals, the study’s co-author, Nobel laureate Angus Deaton, said Tuesday....

A group of middle-aged whites in the U.S. is dying at a startling rate. Drugs, alcohol and suicide appear to be taking a toll on men and women ages 45...

by Lenny Bernstein and Joel Achenbach Washington Post November 2, 2015

A large segment of white middle-aged Americans has suffered a startling rise in its death rate since 1999, according to a review of statistics published Monday that shows a sharp reversal in decades of progress toward longer lives....

Carson’s positions on poverty create tension with rags-to-riches life story. On his way up the ladder, Carson benefitted from several government ass...

by Jim Tankersley Washington Post October 31, 2015

DETROIT — Ben Carson was born on the southwest side of this city to a mother who could not read. He spent much of his youth in what he has described as “dire poverty,” but his neighbors kept their lawns trimmed, and parents called other parents if they saw kids stirring up trouble. ...

Stephen Jones, director of the Bread Lab, at the Washington State University campus in Mount Vernon, Wash. Photo: Ian C. Bates/The New York Times

Bread is broken. Industrial production destroyed both the taste and the nutritional value of wheat. One scientist believes he can undo the damage.

by Ferris Jabr New York Times October 29, 2015

On the morning of July 13, like most mornings, Stephen Jones’s laboratory in Mount Vernon, Wash., was suffused with the thick warm smell of baking bread. Jones walked me around the floor, explaining the layout. A long counter split the space down the middle. To the right was what Jones called ‘...

Panel at the meeting observing the 20th anniversary of U.S. food security measurement.

Commemorating 20 years of U.S. food security measurement

by Hunger Notes October 28, 2015

October 28, 2014) Last week the US Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service (ERS) celebrated its 20th year of measuring food security in the USA. Using 10-18 indicators to measure hunger, first developed at Cornell University, the ERS has measured food insecurity and very low food sec...

John Charles, 23, in his storage unit at Capital Self Storage while Michael Evans organizes his unit below. Photo: Evelyn Hockstein/The Washington Post

For D.C.’s desperate, a refuge from homelessness is about to disappear

by Petula Dvorak Washington Post October 23, 2015

“Hey, man. Is it twice around? Or once around?” asked Wayne Davis, his shirt untucked, his collar pointing straight up as he looked for some help in the corrugated metal hallway of his makeshift neighborhood. The 46-year-old was getting ready for church and needed help with his tie ...

Pediatricians urged to ask all kids if they have enough food

by Deborah Netburn Los Angeles Times October 22, 2015

For the first time ever, the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that its members begin screening their patients -- all their patients -- for food insecurity....

James Bannister, 38, said that Arnold Harvey saved his life by giving him this tent.  Photo: Petula Dvorak/The Washington Post

Princeton economist wins Nobel prize for research into how rich and poor people make decisions about how much to buy and how much to save

by Jeff Guo Washington Post October 12, 2015

economics for his diverse contributions to the study of consumer spending. His research has explored how people, particularly the poor, make decisions about what to buy and how much to save....

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