USDA to Provide $2b in Food Aid to Combat Growing Food Insecurity Across US

by Sarah Jayawardene and Ian MacNairn September 20, 2022

The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to provide $2 billion in food aid to food banks and school districts to hel...

Antonio Gayoso

World Hunger Education Service (WHES) Celebrates Antonio Gayoso’s Long Career as Board Member

by WHES Staff August 9, 2022

On July 30th 2020, World Hunger Education Service hosted luncheon to celebrate Antonio Gayoso, a former Board Chair, and Board member for the past 25 years. Antonio retired from the board in January 2022. Among the attendees were Joan Dudic-Gayoso, Dr. Tony Gayoso (Antonio's son), former Board me...

Resilience Book Review: Ending Hunger – The Quest to Feed the World without Destroying It

by August 8, 2022

Anthony Warner's 2022 book "Ending Hunger - the Quest to Feed the World Without Destroying it" (Oneworld Press) attempts to challenge the myths he sees in social discourse in developed countries about how to address world food problems.  Based on his popular blog "the Angr...


by FAO FAO October 16, 2021

Today is World Food Day - International World Food Day is celebrated on the date of the founding of the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization to highlight the issues of hunger and food access in the world. Take time today to think and act on ways to contribute to a more food secure worl...

Veterans Day Lessons for Current Livelihood Crisis

by November 11, 2020

Veteran’s Day commemorates the many millions of American soldiers who returned home from wars with uncertainty about their futures and livelihoods.  Veterans have faced an extended transition period as unemployed workers seeking to enter an often transforming economy.  A prime example was at the...

Preventing Famine – Interview with WFP Deputy Chief, Valerie Guarnieri

by UN News United Nations News September 26, 2020

In this important interview, the Deputy Chief for the U.N. World Food Programme, Valerie Guarnieri, warns of the ramifications of the CoVid-19 pandemic, climate change, and the need for political will by states and private contributions to prevent famine in the near future. Ms. Guarnieri, a seasone...

Blast puts Lebanon at Risk for Widespread Food Crisis

by Nazih Osseiran and Raja Abdulrahim Wall Street Journal August 16, 2020


Peter Morris, Nutritionist and Long-term USAID Expert Leads WHES

by August 3, 2020

The editorial staff of World Hunger Education Service recently sat down and interviewed Peter Morris for his insights about progress in international aid, hunger, nutrition and pandemics.  Mr. M...

World Public Health Nutrition Association Offers $10,000 Prize in Writing Contest

by World Public Health Nutrition Association wphna.org July 31, 2020

WPHNA Article Writing Contest for its journal, World Nutrition. No cost to enter. Deadline February 10, 2021. Winners will be chosen for Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, North America, and Europe. See wphna.org ...

José Andrés Helps the Nats Turn D.C.’s Baseball Stadium Into a Community Kitchen

by Tierney Plumb DC Eater April 7, 2020

World Central Kitchen will prepare thousands of free meals at Nationals Park...