USDA to Provide $2b in Food Aid to Combat Growing Food Insecurity Across US

by Sarah Jayawardene and Ian MacNairn September 20, 2022

The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to provide $2 billion in food aid to food banks and school districts to hel...

USAID Administrator Power discusses food insecurity with colleagues

by August 18, 2022

At a meeting held July 18, 2022, sponsored by the think tank, CSIS, USAID Administrator Samantha Power and a panel of specialists discuss the current global food insecurity crisis, noting how it has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, climate...

Resilience Book Review: Ending Hunger – The Quest to Feed the World without Destroying It

by August 8, 2022

Anthony Warner's 2022 book "Ending Hunger - the Quest to Feed the World Without Destroying it" (Oneworld Press) attempts to challenge the myths he sees in social discourse in developed countries about how to address world food problems.  Based on his popular blog "the Angr...

SAHEL Will Need Help as Famine is Coming

by William Lambers NEWSWEEK Opinion March 1, 2022

In this Newsweek Opinion piece, William Lambers reports how 35 million people will have virtually no food to eat in the coming lean season....

World Food Programmes Releases Report on Hunger Hotspots

by WFP Staff World Food Programme January 28, 2022

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has released a report today which says that Ethiopia, Nigeria, Yemen and South Sudan are the top countries which are at greatest risk of critical food insecurity. Referring to the risk of famine based on the Integrated Food Insecurity Phase Classificati...

Furniture Maker Creates Wooden Bowls for Donations to Help Hunger Causes

by WHES Staff ABC Nightly News January 26, 2022

This video was featured on January 25, 2021 ABC Nightly News about Mike Mittelman, a furniture maker, who created wooden bowls for those who donated to hunger causes....


by WHES STAFF January 25, 2022

ETHIOPIA Conflict and Drought The current food crisis will persist in northern Ethiopia, Across the country, over 1.2 million children under 5 years of age require treatment for severe acute malnutrition; In Tigray region, the conflict has impacted over 90 pe...


by WHES IPCINFO November 28, 2021

This is a view of the most urgent hunger hotspots around the world. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) used by the United Nations and International Aid Agencies consists of five levels of severity for food insecurity as follows: 1. Minimal - Acceptable 2. Stressed - Alert 3. ...


by FAO FAO October 16, 2021

Today is World Food Day - International World Food Day is celebrated on the date of the founding of the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization to highlight the issues of hunger and food access in the world. Take time today to think and act on ways to contribute to a more food secure worl...

Normal Borlaug

Documentary Looks Back at Norman Borlaug’s Career

by March 28, 2021

A recent documentary available from the Public Broadcast System (PBS) and WGBH "The Man Who Tried to Feed the World" (2020) briefly surveys the motivations and achievem...