A child helps her mother harvest chilis in West Java, Indonesia [Photo: Reuters]

Indonesia is hungry for a better food policy

by Rainer Heufers, CIPS, and Arianto A Patunru, ANU East Asia Forum April 2, 2018

Despite years of reasonable economic growth, 19.4 million Indonesians are still unable to meet their daily dietary needs. Rainer Heufers, Executive Director of the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) and Arianto A Patunru, a Fellow in the Arndt-Corden Department of Economics and the Indonesi...

A child is treated for acute malnutrition in Indonesia’s Papua region. As many as 100 malnourished children died there earlier this year in the midst of a measles outbreak. BAY ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images

Malnutrition Not Just a Poor Country Problem

by Andrew Green News Deeply March 24, 2018

New research underscores the fact that malnutrition, while rampant in middle-income countries, is often ignored by donors, leaving those countries to bear the burden of nutrition programs....

Experts and academics yesterday gather at the food security forum hosted by the BioThai Foundation. [Photo courtesy The Nation]

Thailand food security report points to increasing malnourishment and obesity in Thailand

by Pratch Rujivanarom The Nation March 14, 2018

Biodiversity, Sustainable Agriculture, and Food Sovereignty Action Thailand Foundation (BioThai) yesterday published its 2017 annual report on the food security situation for Thailand, which revealed a worrying trend of a widening inequality gap in the access to food. BioThai Foundation director Wit...

Food security project to benefit 3512 people

by Vishaal Kumar The Fiji Times Online February 19, 2018

THE Save the Children (SC) Fiji Knowledge and Action in Agriculture and Food Security (KANA) project is expected to benefit as many as 3512 people living in Ra and Koro Island. The project aims to develop commercial and subsistence agriculture that is resilient and reliable, provided food security a...

World Food Programme Lauds Pakistan For Improving Food Security

by Fakhir Rizvi Urdu Point February 15, 2018

The United Nation World Food Programme in its recent report has said that Pakistan has made significant progress over the past decades and brought food security and nutrition to a more prominent place since 2010....

Photo: RFE/RL

Flour Power: Turkmenistan Mulling ‘Surplus Confiscation’ Amid Shortage

by Farangis Najibullah Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty February 15, 2018

Households that authorities deem have more flour than they require face punishment from authorities as the scarcity of flour in Turkmenistan adds to growing food prices and shortages of basic foods, a major problem facing the country over the past two years. ...

(Photo: George Steinmetz/NatGeo)

How China Plans to Feed 1.4 Billion Growing Appetites

by Tracie McMillan National Geographic January 28, 2018

As more Chinese crave Western-style diets, the booming nation rushes to industrialize an agricultural economy long built around small farms....

A fast food restaurant in New Delhi. The International Diabetes Federation projects that the number of Indians with diabetes will roughly double to 123 million by 2040. (Photo: Atul Loke for The New York Times)

One Man’s Stand Against Junk Food as Diabetes Climbs Across India

by Geeta Anand The New York Times December 27, 2017

India is “sitting on a volcano” of diabetes. A father’s effort to banjunk food sales in and near schools aims to change what children eat....

The black soldier fly’s larvae feed on food waste, turning it into nutrient-rich fertilizer. [Photo: Wendy Wong]

‘Closed loop’ urban farm in Singapore tackles food waste with insects

by Wendy Wong Channel News Asia November 27, 2017

Citizen Farm in Queenstown has been using the black soldier fly to help grow its vegetables, as food for its fish and to help tackle food waste - the first in Singapore to incorporate these insects as part of farming practice....

Photo: Fisheries are now an important component of the Myanmar diet and crucial in tackling malnutrition. [Phoe Wa/The Myanmar Times]

Fisheries crucial for food security in Myanmar

by Thompson Chau Myanmar Times November 22, 2017

Fisheries are vital to reduce the malnutrition rate and improve food security in Myanmar....