Syria: Four years on, an unimaginable toll

by IRIN News March 12, 2015

As Syria's war enters its fifth year, the human toll is almost unimaginable....

Alienation and violence: Impact of Syria crisis report 2014

by ReleifWeb March 10, 2015

"Syria: Alienation and Violence, Impact of the Syria Crisis Report" produced by the Syrian Centre for Policy Research (SCPR) with the support of UNDP and UNRWA, reveals the extent of dramatic setbacks in human and economic development as Syria has been ravaged by war. After four years of armed-confl...

UN: World eating too much sugar; cut to 5-10 percent of diet

by Maria Cheng Associated Press/Myway March 4, 2015

See Report...

Is Syria conflict a case study for climate change and hunger-related conflict?

by Geoffrey Mohan Los Angeles Times March 4, 2015

Science just served up a double coupon for the argumentative: A new study suggests that climate change is driving a Middle East conflict that brought the Islamic State to prominence....

Mothers and newborns at a hospital in Gurgaon, India. A greater percentage of Indian mothers are underweight than are mothers in far poorer countries. Photo: Kuni Takahashi for The New York Times

Study says pregnant women in India are dangerously underweight

by Gardiner Harris New York Times March 3, 2015

NEW DELHI — Her first child survived eight months before succumbing to pneumonia; her second was stillborn; her third, delivered in a rickshaw, gasped for an hour before dying....

Death by chocolate: the sugar-fueled diabetes surge in South Asia

by Gerald Denis The Guardian March 2, 2015

The midweek buffet lunch at a fashionable vegetarian restaurant in Bengaluru was delicious but unexceptional until the dessert arrived one table over. It levitated on a cloud of cardamom smoke, hissing loudly: the sizzling chocolate cake, drowning in chocolate syrup, the size of a dinner plate. Actu...

More than 2.2 million Iraqis have been displaced from their homes since January 2014. Photo: Cathy Otten/IRIN

Emergency aid projects in Iraq face closure due to funding shortfall

by IRIN News February 18, 2015

In the last year more than 2.2million Iraqis have been displaced from their homes due to fighting between militants calling themselves the Islamic State and government security forces and are scattered across the country, many in tented camps and makeshift shelters. ...

Former movie star Jayalalitha Jayaram, pictured in graffiti, was convicted on corruption charges and forced to step down. She continues to run the government even though she has not left her house since she was released on bail in October. Photo: Annie Gowen/The Washington Post

Ex movie star and convicted politician still running her Indian state

by Annie Gowen Washington Post February 16, 2015

CHENNAI, India — Her chair in the state assembly room has been kept open, her office left undisturbed like a shrine.It’s been more than four months since Jayalalitha Jayaram, a former film star and three-term chief minister in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, was convicted on corruption charges, ...

Building in the city of Hefei next to surrounding fields – as China’s urbanisation continues at breakneck speed, will its agrarian resources be hit? Photograph: AFP/Getty Image

China’s urban sprawl raises key question: can it feed its people? Plans for air hub twice the size of Heathrow will destroy hundreds of farms ne...

by Jonathan Kaiman The Guardian February 15, 2015

An hour’s drive south of central Beijing, the city’s squat mid-rise buildings fan out into fields. Ramshackle brick houses stretch on for miles, coal and cabbage piled high by their doorsteps, while sheep graze by the roads. This tiny village called Nanzhuang — about 30 miles south of the Forb...

Neeraj Jagga bought this apartment in a 4,000-unit complex near New Delhi but said construction had barely progressed in three years. The developer, Kabul Chawla, has been the subject of numerous consumer complaints. Photo: Graham Crouch/ New York Times

Amid complaints in India, a real estate deal in Manhattan

by Stephanie Stall and Louise Story New York Times February 9, 2015

Last Sept. 28, a group of retired military officers demonstrated at Jantar Mantar, a historic site in New Delhi. “Though we are old veterans, we still have the strength to challenge your atrocity,” read the placard of one protester, who was leaning on a cane....