Agriculture & Nutrition

From Scarcity to Security: Managing Water for a Nutritious Food Future

by Chicago Council on Global Affairs May 7, 2019

A new report from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs....

Food waste starts long before food gets to your plate

by Jan Ellen Spiegel Yale Climate Connections May 7, 2019

The best way to prevent waste may be to stop surpluses from occurring in the first place....

One in five people are eating themselves to an early death: Global study

by Ashley May USA Today April 7, 2019

Millions of people are dying around the world from poor diets, often packed with sodium and lacking in whole grains and fruits, according to a study published Wednesday....

Philippines El Niño task force to prioritize water, food security

by Czeriza Valencia The Philippine Star April 1, 2019

The Philippines Department of Agriculture reported the damage to the agricultural sector has reached P4.35 billion from 149,494 hectares affecting 138,859 farmers and fisherfolk nationwide....

How you can think yourself thin

by BBC Reel March 12, 2019

650 million people in the world are considered obese. It’s more likely that people live in countries where obesity is more of a problem then being underweight....

The World Food Program Uses Innovation to Disrupt Hunger

by Maddie Seibert Food Tank March 4, 2019

The World Food Programme's Innovation Accelerator began in 2016 and its process, “Design. Fail. Iterate. Scale.” is reminiscent of a startup accelerator. The Innovation Accelerator accepts applications from WFP staff, aspiring startups, NGOs, and companies, selects the best, and offers funding a...

How urban agriculture can improve food security in US cities

by Miguel Altieri The Conversation February 16, 2019

During the partial federal shutdown in December 2018 and January 2019, news reports showed furloughed government workers standing in line for donated meals. These images were reminders that for ...

Nature’s nutritious seeds: 10 reasons why you should opt for pulses

by FAO February 11, 2019

In many cultures, pulses are considered as ‘protein for the poor’ and their high nutrient content makes them ideal for vegetarians and vegans to ensure adequate intakes of protein, minerals and vitamins. ...

GMO cowpea: Bridging the gap between innovation and social change

by Opuah Abeikwen Cornell Alliance for Science January 14, 2019

The pod-borer insect (maruca) is highly notorious in cowpea production, forcing farmers to spray pesticides about six to seven times within a planting season. Nigerian scientists hope a new genetically modified variety of cowpea will resist this pest while limiting the ...

This Bill Gates-backed start-up is fighting world hunger by making your avocados last longer

by Tom Huddleston Jr. CNBC January 11, 2019

Apeel Sciences, a Southern California-based food technology startup that is trying to battle food waste. ...

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