Extreme Poverty Concentrates in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Betsy McKay and Gabriele Steinhauser The Wall Street Journal September 18, 2018

The number of people living in extreme poverty is becoming concentrated in some of the most unstable and populous parts of Africa, raising the risk of political violence and devastating disease outbreaks....


by Thabisa Mkhwanazi Eyewitness News September 17, 2018

Thabisa Mkhwanazi, KFC Africa’s director for public affairs, writes that quick-service restaurants in South Africa need to do more to eliminate food waste and help communities eliminate hunger....

Pest-proof bags and bins slim Tanzania’s ‘lean season’

by Wesley Langat Reuters September 9, 2018

Improved storage techniques have shown they can cut the loss of harvested maize by 10 percent in Tanzania, and help one-third fewer households go hungry in the lean season, Swiss researchers said....

Agroecology key to food security in developing countries

by Rachel Wynberg and Laura Pereira The University of Cape Town News September 2, 2018

Rachel Wynberg, Associate Professor and DST/NRF Bio-economy Research Chair, University of Cape Town and Laura Pereira, Researcher/Lecturer at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, Stellenbosch University, argue that developing countries should not strive for industrial agriculture. Inste...

Photo: Debisi Araba [courtesy Debisi Araba]

Technology Could Soon Revolutionize Agriculture In Africa

by Lorin Fries Forbes August 28, 2018

Forbes interviews CIAT's Debisi Araba, the dynamic regional director for Africa at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) about the potential for technology to transform agriculture in Africa....

Thousands arrive to collect food supplies in South Sudan’s Nyal

by Reuters Thompson Reuters Foundation News August 21, 2018

The UN has been dropping food supplies in Nyal, South Sudan every three months since 2014. The town is unsafe to reach by road, with attacks on humanitarian agencies common. Supplies were dropped on Sunday and Monday by the United Nations World Food Programme, which said it expected 30,000 people w...

The student trying to solve the food waste crisis

by Alfonso Daniels Kitgum, Uganda August 16, 2018

A 23-year-old Ugandan engineering student has invented a food dehydrator to help minimize food waste....

UN gravely concerned at South Sudan’s ‘food security crisis’

by Associated Press News24 August 12, 2018

The UN Security Council is expressing grave concern at the "food security crisis" in war-torn South Sudan. The council said in a statement after closed-door briefings on Friday that ongoing fighting in the country's five-year civil war "is one of the main direct causes" of food insecurity....

Games boost student nutrition in Nigerian schools

by Obidimma Ezezika The Conversation July 16, 2018

Researchers tested out a game called Nutrido to see if it would help Nigerian students improve their food choices....

Video: South Sudan’s hunger season is peaking

by Janelle Dumalaon Deutsche Welle July 11, 2018

July marks the peak of South Sudan's hunger season - that's the period between the depletion of food stocks and the next harvest. Seven years into its independence, a humanitarian crisis is leaving half of the country's population starving....

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